I wanted a way to carry and protect some of my dangly earrings when away from home, and because I'm a bit obsessive, I wanted to keep them all organised and pretty :D The project takes a box and makes an inner panel for it, which will hold your earrings. I'm afraid the design only accommodates earrings for pierced ears, and although it can take stud-style earrings, it works better with earrings that don't have backs on them.

My container holds up to 20 pairs of dangly earrings, but you can vary the size as you like - I'd advise you start fairly small.

This is my first instructable, so I reserve the right for it to be a bit poopy, and if you do decide to shoot me for it being poopy, I reserve the right to scream and wail like a big baby. However, if there are any problems then I'd prefer it if you told me, and I'll try to fix them :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

- a small cardboard box, with a lid
- medium-to-light weight card

- ruler
- pencil
- pin
- scissors
- eraser/rubber/whatever you call it.

The card will need to be heavy enough to support your earrings, but light enough that you can poke holes in it with the pin. I used a 13cm square notecard box and decided in an unusual bout of girliness to use pink cardboard for the inner panel. 

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