Hi everybody, i had build a small circular bench, and i will give you my photos, drawings and my help to you build one too. This machine is cheap, around 50 euros and very helpful.

Let's start ;)

My Portuguese blog: www.logicamecatronica.com

Step 1: Material

For this project, this is the material that you need to build one small circular bench:

  • wood (on next step you will see the size)
  • wood screws
  • one motor 220v 0,8HP 5.2A (you can use other with the same dimension)
  • metal plate
  • white glue for wood
  • circuit breaker C6

The circuit breaker only will interrupt one phase of machine, the cable will connect direct at motor.

<p>Could you tell us, how did you make or find the arbor? That's the metal piece that connects the blade to the motor shaft. The blade can't wobble and must be nearly perfectly concentric with the motor shaft.</p>
do you an architech?
<p>hi, no, i'm a technical mechatronic :)</p>
<p>Great project, but I didn't understood how did you mounted the blade to the motor. Can you explain it better?</p>
It looks more like a &quot;cubic-ish bench&quot;, instead of a &quot;circular bench&quot;... :-9 Sorry, couldn't help myself! It's a great Instructable, and this gave a great idea for my own &quot;circular bench&quot; (&quot;TABLE SAW to the grammar nazis like me). Well done!
<p>thnak you :D this project are on woodworking contest :)</p>
<p>nice and very simple!</p>
this should be in one of the contests...
excellent work! thank you for sharing and great tutorial! muito obrigado!
Thanks for your positive feedback :) you're welcome :)
<p>hi everybody, thanks all, i appreciated your comments :D</p>
<p>nice job, I like it.</p>
<p>Very good tool, congratulations.</p>
<p>Great saw, I like the design information</p>

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