In this instructable I will be showing you how to assemble a compact and portable electronics kit.  I am an electronics tinkerer and I occasionally have to do some electronics work at my job. So I like to have a kit pretty much ready to go whenever I need it so I can keep it in my car or on my person.

Step 1: The Pouch

The actual bag is a Condor brand model;    MA54 T & T POUCH

The bag measures approximately 8"x10" and is MOLLE compatible as well as has two D-rings on the back for attaching it to a strap or to anything for that matter.

The inside of the bag has two large pockets, one that is zippered.

also each side is lined with large and small elastic loops to store a multitude of things.
Plus another pretty cool feature is that the bag has a piece of cord that is adjustable and hold the bag open so it will sit nicely on a table like a workstation.

I purchased mine from here  (http://www.joesarmynavyonline.com/servlet/Detail?no=8513)  but that model can be had from many different online stores.
<p>This is very good when you go at work you have all tools in one bug or whenever you go this is with you also i have buy and This <a href="http://fanyit.com/review/electric-soldering-iron-kit-with-adjustable-temperature/" rel="nofollow">soldering iron kit</a></p><p>and now whenever i go i will have all tools with me . Sounds Great This innovations are always Welcome</p>
Quite excellent.
i love it
Awsome electronics kit, I have put one together that is is real similar to yours except in mine i have a burns-o-matic butain soldering iron, a radio shack soldering iron, a nice portabe bench top vice that can be clamped on to the edge of a table or whatevere my work area is, and i aslo keep a hot glue gun in mine. I used to keep my kit in a bag similar to what you are using until it got to big for the bag so i transfered my kit into a nice roomy tackle box which is nice because it helps me keep my kit more organized.<br>
Thanks for sharing. I enjoy seeing what others put in their electronics kit. I really like your soldering iron and its case.

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