Portable Emergency Button With Localization (linkit One)





Introduction: Portable Emergency Button With Localization (linkit One)

Hi everybody :) i want to share with you a little project. It's a portable emergency button that i did to my mom (she have cancer) and i need to know how can i find her if she need me. This button have a GPS and GSM module, that send a SMS and a link of google maps with localization on SMS (pretty cool ah? :) ), you can transport this on your belt. It's good for people that have diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc...

Let know more about this :)

Step 1: Material

Well, this is what you need to do it yourself:

-Linkit One (with battery, GPS and GSM module)

-Iron solder

-3D printer

- a big push button (NO to send SMS with google maps link)

- three 3mm leds (yellow, green and red)

- a driller machine (to drill holes of linkit)

- lot of flexible cable wires

-hot glue (to hold the push button

-headers (to connect at linkit)

-button on/off (power off battery)

Step 2: 3D Drawings and Files

Here you can use and edit my 3D drawings models, I used Autodesk Inventor 2016 to draw. Have STL files too for 3D printing :)


Step 3: How to Do It?

It's very simple, all you need to do is:

- 3D print the linkit case

- soldering the flexible wires to leds, pushbutton, button on/off and battery and headers

- use hot glue to hold the push button

- drill the holes on case to hold the link one

- put GPS and GSM module on case and connect to linkit

- use good glue to hold the piece of belt on linkit case

PS: i needed cut the SPI headers of my linkit because push button is big and i can't close the linkit case :P

The wiring connection port of linkit one is:

pin 2- connect a one wire of push button

GND- connect the other wire of pushbutton

pin 12- green led positive (don't need a resistor)

pin 11- yellow led positive

pin 10- red led positive

Step 4: Code

the code is from another user of instructables, but i changed a bit. I added the leds to indicate the battery level.

It works by this way:

- If green blinks, the battery is between 100% and 67%

- If yellow blinks, the battery is between 66% and 34%

- If red blinks, the battery is between <=33%

You press the button, when all leds are off it means that linkit sent a SMS (I will add a buzzer too in future)

You can charge the battery easy with a usb cable. I will add to this project a buzzer to indicate that linkit sent a SMS and a improvement of battery.

Step 5: Finish

Well, this instructables ends here, i hope that you like this and be useful on your life.

Feel free to ask something that you don't understand :)

Thanks Mediatek for this linkit one to do this project :)



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    Can u plz write the code and circuit for this project using arduino, gps and gsm module. I would be thankful if u do it ????????

    Cool. Could you not make it so that the switch connects to the power for the Linkit1, then the board could set a pin high that activates an transistor connected to the power supply, this way shouldnt it turn itself off?

    Its best to keep the board powered up. It wastes battery but getting a GPS location fix can take a long time from a power up.

    Since he's going for emergency response it is the way to go.

    I've seen a few of those auto power circuits. Really good idea but easier to do on an Arduino since these linkit's can take a long time before they actually start your sketch.

    Hi, thanks for reply. For my case, this is the best way to my mom "call me" in a emergency, it works very well. The only bad thing is battery that need to charge everyday.