I needed a carrying case for my multimeter + screwdriver set. I saw this cd case on sale and bought one. Its modular so you can customize it to your needs.

Tools and materials needed:
Hot Glue gun
Hobby knife, scissors or something sharp to remove cd holder from inside
Some sort of protection. I used packaging foam, you could use some piece of fabric
Optional:elastic band, to stop parts on inside from moving around

Step 1: Gut It Out

Remove cd holder from cd case. My was sewed to the bottom so I simply removed it with hobby knife. Yours may vary.

Step 2: Add Protection

I hot-glued the packaging foam inside case, to add a bit of protection to inside area. I am sure that I will drop it sometime so this is thinking ahead

Step 3: Use It

You can use it for your multimeter, wires, small parts, screwdrivers etc. You could also add elastic band inside to stop parts from moving arounf
I will make this for myself
Nice idea, and you did a good job of presenting it. Thanks.<br> <br> One suggestion, would be to give a list (maybe in step 1) of all of the parts and tools needed for this 'ible.&nbsp; Although, there really isn't all that much to it, seeing it all in one place would help a bit.<br> <br> &lt;QUOTE&gt; I am sure that I will drop it sometime so this is thinking ahead.&lt;/QUOTE&gt;<br> Hah! - Yeah, that is great thinking and planning.&nbsp; I can't even count how many tools, and other things, that I have broken by dropping them, or someone else dropping them.&nbsp; Just a couple of weeks ago, I trashed a tablet, what a pain.&nbsp; Very smart move here.
Thanks, I will add the list of tools

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