Portable native MOD player based on Raspberry PI (plays MOD,S3M,IT,XM etc...). Uses BassPlay library.


Step 4: Software part - Compiling of the player for Raspberry PI

The most tricky part is to put correct libraries in the correct directory.
MANY THANKS to Aleksander Mosingiewicz (author of the player) for figuring out!

All commands are being executed as root.

Gain root access using command:

sudo passwd

Then you can log in as root by your password.

There are some packages to install before compiling:

aptitude update

aptitude install intltool

aptitude install libgtk2.0-dev

Preparation of source code and libs:

Put hardfp/ from in:


Unzip source code:

tar -zxvf bassplay-0.1.tar.gz

unzip in subdirectory bass in the directory of source code bassplay-0.1/bass.
!Do the same with and overwrite files!.

mkdir bassplay-0.1/bass
cp bassplay-0.1/bass/
cp bassplay-0.1/bass/
unzip bassplay-0.1/bass/
unzip bassplay-0.1/bass/

Proceed with compilation:

cd bassplay-0.1

make install
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