Hi everyone, so this is my first instructuble so please take it easy on me. its a portable projector screen i had an idea for that took me about 20 minutes to put together not including the prep and figuring of it. i spent absolutely nothing on it! i found everything i needed around my house. but in case your family doesn't hoard random things this can be changed and  tweaked and shouldn't come out to more than 50 usd$ from scratch.

What i used:
1 good quality curtain (black)
2 curtain rings
1 scrap iron fence.
1 good quality white screen material (mine is padded but has the look and feel of a real screen) should be able to find a small one on the cheap, look for a twin size padding for a bed. anything that feels right
duck tape
black tape
clear packing tape
(optional old t-shirt)

Step 1: First Comes a Frame

I used a scrap piece of rod iron fence from another project for the frame.
helped reduce time and money. make sure when getting a frame, you have enough material for your screen to cover it. you dont want to spend hours building or searching for the perfect frame to find out its to big or even to small for what you need it for.

Make sure your frame is nice and clean of sharp edges, mine had a few edges that were sharp. If you are worried about hurting any of the matrials you are putting on the frame. (like the curtain that my grandmother let me borrow for this) take an old shirt and  cut it down so you have a patch you can tape down onto the edges. i choose to skip this step and take the chance to keep my screen as less bulky as possible.
nice idea! congratulations on publishing your first instructable. five stars!

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