Introduction: Portable Reading Glasses. on the Go Reading Glasses.

Picture of Portable Reading Glasses.  on the Go Reading Glasses.

If you are like me and hate glasses, here is an option.

Find inexpensive reading glasses and cut lenses out, drill a hole and attach to your keychain.

I have multiple lenses, one on my key chain, one on my wife's keychain and one on my lanyard at work. When I can't see something, I just pull my reading glass & I'm ready to go.

Works like a charm, no more embarrassing moments at restaurants trying to read receipts.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-18

That's so clever! Here's an instructable on how to use the new editor in case you want to get rid of that extra step:

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, I always have problems with editor. It's hard to navigate and understand.

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