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Hey!  Chill Out This Summer with this tiny Room CoOoOler.

 You can make this tiny looking yet powerful evaporative room cooler with dumped items at your home.   

List of items used in this project-

1. A metallic cubical box (I used Munchini wafer box (6X6x6 inch) )
2. Cooler pad (found at hardware shop, 1 pad is sufficient for the job)
3. Wire mesh approximately 24x15 inch.
4. Fan 22W, 2700rpm, 220Vyou can even use your old computer fan)
(Available at electronic parts shop)

5. Water pump. For this you have two options-
a) Make your own pump using instructable available on the site, as I did.
b) Purchase from the market (the small one)

6. Rubber pipe (1cm in diameter and 1m long)

Few basic tools and items required-
Pliers, screwdriver, knife, hammer, M-seal, tape, super glue (fevi quick), cutter and few loose wires for fitting purposes.

Step 1: Step 1

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 Take the box; make a square window (4x4inch) on 3 sides and 1 round window on front side. Use knife to cutoff metallic portion.

Step 2: Step 2

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Attach fan inside the box using nuts.

Step 3: Step 3

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Make 3 cooler pads by cutting out wire mash of the size of window you made.
Sandwich the pad grass with 2 mashes using some wire.
Fit the pads from inside the cooler frame using M seal and loose wires.

Step 4: Step 4

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Make water connections as shown in the photos
Use an external water container and place pump inside it

Step 5: Water Proof Pump

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For pump you need a water proof motor which is not easily available, So I just mounted my motor on thin iron rods.This prevents rusting
To make such type of pump follow these-
1. Take a 12v dc motor and remove the gear box if present so as to use 2400 rmp.
2.Attach a thin rod with the shaft of the motor using M-seal and fevi-quick.
3. Attach  supporting rods using M-seal.
4. Cup of the pump (main part which will go inside the water ) can be any round container of appropriate size.
5. take out the  metal sheet from pepsi mycan and use it for making blades(which will actually rotate the water inside the cup)
6. attach these 4 blades with the rod (attached to the shaft)
7.use 12-24 v dc adapter for supply.
8. pump is ready to lift..

Step 6: Done

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Supply power as rated on fan and pump

Your portable cooler is ready yooo...!!


Mrs. Trydle (author)2015-05-31

You could use the motor from an aquarium filter, water proof, and it has blades on it to move the water through the filter...

kushalverma (author)2011-06-27

can you help me in making such a high speed water flowing pump at home i had made a small one but it's very slow please help me...

try to give it 24 v dc supply this can  increase the pressure.

but my motor is only of 9v , and what's the purpose of this pump in the portable room cooler bcoz there is no space for storing water in the cooler....
(by the way where do you live)(i live in meerut ,you?)

I use a plastic container to store water below the cooler , water from the cooler drops down and collected in the container and then lifted back to the pads using pump(12v)(I live in Ajmer, Rajasthan)

ykgarg007 (author)ankitgarg20052015-03-24

man there too much heat.. do u know abour peltier .. im want to cool air like airconditioner do... but there the problem to keep water cool when it flow through the pipea

ankitgarg2005 (author)ykgarg0072015-03-31

in this model u dont require to cool water because water will going to cool automatically by evaporative action while falling from grass pads

take a powerful dc motor...u can use motor from old floppy/CD drive. use pencil cell cover(metal) to make blades, curve them to giving aerodynamic shape so that water can flow more vigorously. more flow means low pressure (Bernoulli's law) resulti in high outflow of water

ykgarg007 (author)ankitgarg20052015-03-24

do you have any idea to run bldc motor used in dvd players ..??

ankitgarg2005 (author)ykgarg0072015-03-31

u need an ESC (electronic speed controller) to run bldc

ykgarg007 (author)kushalverma2015-03-24

you can check my project ..hope it helps you...

your blades might be improper see step 5

mohitajmer (author)ankitgarg20052011-07-04

hello ankit ,where are u?
i m waiting last 3-4 days.
i forget your cell number.

mohit mathur
softech computer education

ammadd (author)2014-07-22


I don't understand the pump part i mean installing in the cooler where is water being pumped, inside the air conditioner behind fans?

Or is the sides cooler pad grass that is getting wet due to water please let me know

This image is not clear so can't understand

Thank you!

sharpstick (author)2014-05-22

You can buy swamp cooler, (aka evaporative cooler) pads at hardware stores. But only in arid climates, like the southwest USA. These devices don't work in humid climates, like Florida. (or online )

It is also important for the air intake to pull air from OUTSIDE the area to be cooled. EC works by passing warm dry air through wet media, picking up cool water vapor that can cool the air up to 30 degrees F if conditions are right. If you don't pull in outside air, the air in the room will eventually become humid and the EC effect will no longer work.

This model might be able to cool a small area by your desk chair though. It is far too small to humidify an entire room.

It would be nice to see some results of your device. Can you measure ambient humidity in the room and temperature readings at the inlet and outlet?

prose_flower (author)2011-10-15

Do you know, this awesome project can also be used as a car cooler...? Instead of connecting this fans wires with laptop, just connect them to car cigarette lighter....

yes of course !

lyndon_mark (author)2011-08-17

hi..... i'im computer technology student searching a instructable device. may i constuct your porject? i'm from philippines

yes indeed !!

firesail (author)2011-07-18

Very innovative and use full too.

ankitgarg2005 (author)firesail2014-05-10


mshahid5 (author)2014-05-06

nice work

lyndon_mark (author)2011-08-17

can you show how to use that gudget?\

k.bipin (author)2011-07-12

Even i made one cooler.. i kept 2 Exhaust fans.. i used a cardboard box and made it waterproof... probably mine is a bit big in SIZE... your is small... and looks good...

mohitajmer (author)2011-07-04

where are u?

mohit mathur
softech computer education

rollandb (author)2011-06-22

Excellent project. Just need a little more detail in photos for water system.

ankitgarg2005 (author)rollandb2011-06-29


kushalverma (author)2011-06-29

aapki motor kitne volts ki hai?????

profpat (author)2011-06-24

Nice! and Portable, i did one using my old box fan..

tinker234 (author)2011-06-21

hey how cold can it make your room also could i upscale for a workshop

mr.incredible (author)tinker2342011-06-21

Chilled water from a cooling tower is generally about 65 deg. (It is actually the dew point temp, watch the weather report) Google cooling towers or heat pumps. So yes, with the correct amount of heat exchangers you could cool a room to 65 deg for little more than the cost of circulating the water and running a fan.

Most of the time it is a two part system. The cooling tower is outside. Usually looks like big window shutters. Warm water circulated from the heat exchanger inside is sprayed at the top of the tower. It trickles down the slats and is collected in a basin. That chilled water is then pumped back to the heat exchanger to cool the room. The heat exchanger can be nothing more than an old radiator with a fan blowing through it. Instead of blowing cool air it actually removes heat from the room and is radiated out through the cooling tower. You just maintain the cooling water same as you would a pool. Inside the building it is a closed system meaning you are not introducing humidity to the room. Actually you will remove humidity by condensation on the heat exchanger coils. You will need a way to plumb off the condensate.

Here is another idea. This would be geothermal. It would work in winter as well. Instead of the evaporator tower you can dig two trenches to well below the frost level, probably about 6-8 ft deep. Run a coil of non-corroding tubing down one trench and back the other. The ground temp in most parts of the world below frost point is in the 65 deg range as well. 65 deg is usually warm enough for a workshop in the winter.

tinker234 (author)mr.incredible2011-06-22

i live in florida so heat might not be best but thanks for the thought hey maybe my auqfier could be used for the heat exchanger

mr.incredible (author)tinker2342011-06-22

I live in Largo, FL. Wet bulb temp or dew point is still quite low. Almost all large buildings use this for their HVAC.

tinker234 (author)mr.incredible2011-06-22

i live in the center of florida

tchiarito (author)2011-06-21

What are cooler pads? And, in step 4, are the tubes from the pump pumping cool water through the cooler pads? Thanks!

ironsmiter (author)tchiarito2011-06-21

the "cooler pads" are absorbent pads, held in place by the wire mesh.
Water is trickled onto the pads.
then air blows through the pads, evaporating some of the water.
Energy in the air (aka HEAT) is used to evaporate the water, resulting in a lower energy state of the air (aka colder).

A side effect is that the air is also humidified.

At it's most basic level, this is the same thing that happens when you sweat, or it rains.

ankitgarg2005 (author)ironsmiter2011-06-21

yes, exactly

ankitgarg2005 (author)tchiarito2011-06-21

If cooler pads are not available in the market then you can make it from dry grass found in your garden. sandwich the dry grass between two wire mash and your home made pads are ready.

fostersfriend (author)2011-06-21

Great guesses but what he means by " cooling pad " is actually a thermo electric pad that causes a cooling effect on one side of the device ( pad) and in turn dumping the heat removed on reverse side these are often used in toy vending machines and some small portable refrigerators

"cooling pad" are made from "dry grass" . Dry grass has tendency to hold water for longer duration and gives cooling effect when air passes through it.
Do not get confused with thermo electric pads.

ironsmiter (author)2011-06-21

Just to clear things up... This is a SWAMP COOLER.

Works really well in dry climates.
The wetter your climate, the less effective it is.

If it's raining outside, might as well save yourself the electricity and shut this down.
If it's 110 in the shade, and dry as a bone... this will feel like an ice cube down your shirt.

One construction note.
Make sure the fan is set to blow air INTO the box, not suck it out.
otherwise, the high humidity will corrode the fan connections, and you'll be rebuilding every couple months.

To Tinker234...
If you build it big enough to handle your shop, and do a good job on construction... you can easily see 15-20 degrees F drop in temperature.
Be aware however, if you keep your good tools and machines in that shop... you'd better get a regular AC unit instead. On one of my home-machinist e-mail lists, we had a fella build a 1000CFM unit for his garage. Inside of 3 weeks, his seldom used metal lathe rusted solid. He gave it away to someone on the list, who had to completely rebuild it because of all the rust.

mr.incredible (author)2011-06-21

No doubts. Just a suggestion. Make your water reservoir deeper. This is actually how chilled water plants work in big buildings. Water is sprayed into big towers and chilled by evaporation.

for water reservoir I use a separate container below the cooler and water pump is placed inside it.

fostersfriend (author)2011-06-21

Just a add on if you look up peltier on google you can get prices from amozon eBay etc

ankitgarg2005 (author)2011-06-21

feel free to ask your doubts

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