Introduction: Portable Shopping Cart Locking Force Field OF DOOM

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Have you ever been annoyed or even injured by evil sentient shopping cart attacks? well, now you can shop in safety! this belt will stop any hostile shopping cart in it's tracks if it comes within five feet of you! No more bruised ankles! no more threat of cart insurrection!
This life-saving device works by emmiting intense electromagnetic radiation that confuses the shopping cart and makes it think it has reached it's boundaries causing it to lock it's wheels in fear. don't delay, Build one NOW!

This is a proof-of-concept for educational purposes only, and may be illegal in some areas. this device also has the potential to really piss off store managers, so please use with discretion. i take no responsibility for the actions of anyone reading this.

You're going to need:
1 db9 female plug
1 db9 male plug
3 feet (roughly) of cat5 cable (or a serial cable)
1 headphone plug/wire
1 mp3 player
1 laptop or good quality recorder

Step 1: Make the Belt...

Picture of Make the Belt...

First, cut a length of cat5 cable so it is long enouth to wrap around your waist (you can make it wrap around twice, if you want, but i didn't), but make it loose so you can work with it.

next get the db9 plugs, headphone plug and your soldering iron.
connect the cat5 cable's wires to the db9 plugs with the following pinouts:

pin: | wire color:
1 Green stripe
2 solid Green
3 Blue stripe
4 solid Orange
5 Headphone jack
6 Brown stripe
7 solid Blue
8 Orange stripe
9 Not connected
the extra brown wire goes to the headphone jack

pin: | wire color:
1 Solid green
2 solid Blue
3 Orange stripe
4 solid Brown
5 Brown stripe
6 Green stripe
7 Blue stripe
8 solid Orange
9 Not connected

Step 2: Go to the Store!

Picture of Go to the Store!

For this step you'll need either a laptop with recording software or a really good voice recorder.
Go to the store and find the cart boundaries. they'll probably be marked with a yellow line. once you found the yellow painted line, look for a thin, black line running parallel. that black line is the actual boundary, beneath it lies a wire emitting the cart-killing signal.

connect the belt to your laptop or voice recorder... actually if you have a telephone mic, use that instead. (it's those little suction cup things you put on the phone. it's just a coil of wire) or, if you're cheap use a solenoid attached to a headphone jack. unmute the microphone in your laptop's sound mixer and turn the volume way up. position the coil/pickup/whatever over the wire until you hear a signal. at the sprawl-mart i went to, the sound was a short chirping sound every half second.
when you hear the sound, record it with your favorite sound recording program. make sure to record it at at least 44100 hz at 16bit. DO NOT SAVE IT AS MP3. save it as an uncompressed wav file.

using your sound editor, do a little noise reduction (if any is needed) and increase the volume.
i lied, you can save it as mp3, but remember, it's a lossy format, meaning you will loose data, so use at least 128kbps and turn off any filters.

once the file is satisfactory, put it on your mp3 player (or whatever. i used a program on my pda-phone)

Step 3: Going In!

It's time to try it out!
put the belt on, and wear a shirt long enough to cover it. plug the belt in to the mp3 player, crank up the volume and put it on repeat. i recomend putting the mp3 player in your pocket. test the range by moving close to a cart until it stops. if they stop, awesome! if they don't, GO OUTSIDE then check for shorts (don't do it in the store!), if there aren't any, your mp3 player isn't loud enough.

Step 4: The Missing Page!!!

Picture of The Missing Page!!!

Coming soon:
the shopping cart force field OF DOOM version 2.0
Now with amplification, you can keep the hostile sentient shopping carts up to fifteen feet away! Stay tuned!

I haven't had time to solder up an amplifier circuit, yet. (actually, i did, it just doesn't work) if you've just got to have one now, try using a battery powered amplified speaker, and replace the speaker with the belt.


muddog15 (author)2012-11-20

the shopping carts will hate you :)

SirStokes (author)2011-02-25

What country is this from? I'm in the US and I've only heard preposterous theories about self braking shopping carts.

pianofreq (author)SirStokes2012-07-09

The shopping carts at HEB in the low-income areas of Houston, TX lock up on you! It was really surprising to push one really fast across the boundary and watch it fall over. haha

TheIronHobo (author)SirStokes2011-03-04

i am in us and i have had a shopping cart lock up on me. look for a weird device on one of the wheels it looks innocent but it will brake it fast!

Shinji (author)2007-10-03

i just built one of these, and im so excited to try it i can hardly breathe... oh well. Amplifiers are very easy, just break open a tv and find an IC with only one side covered in pins, probably starts with "AN" (the # on the front) and look up the schematics online. I built one of these, and it just took an hour for a 3w amp. not amazing, but same principal i guess... T-elospathic

joe57005 (author)Shinji2007-10-04

cool, DON'T GET CAUGHT! also, i'm not going anywhere near the very high voltage innards of a cathode ray tv. i've seen a screwdriver weld itself to a tv amid pretty spaks and a very loud crack. i'll just destroy a stereo for the parts.

bioerror (author)joe570052007-12-21

I Agree, and handling the Cathode Ray Tube in the wrong way and you drop it, it may EXPLOED!! If your going to use parts from a older tv always, always remove the thick red wire that looks like a suction cup (its about half way down the Cathode tube(towards the part you watch CSI: MIAMI on( by removing this wire you let the gases inside the tube to escape))) also for added safety remove the wires at the small end of the tube. And always remember UNPLUG IT FIRST BEFORE OPENING THE CASE!!!

mannys9130 (author)bioerror2008-07-06

removing the tht (suction cup) will not cause any gasses to escape, in fact, the tube is a vacuum and there is no gas in there. If I had listened to your advice, i'd be in the hospital with arterial fibrelation!

bioerror (author)mannys91302009-12-18

well you would if u either left it plugged in or opened it right away cuz the CRT can still hold energy after sitting unplugged for a few days, 30+ days should be enough time for the power to drain off.

oh and my dad told me there was gases in a CRT, and my dad is known for being incorrect 80% of the time

Shinji (author)bioerror2009-12-19

The CRT is a vacuum. It may not be a perfect vacuum, because of manufacturing error, but it is not filled with gases. Sorry daddy, but this is part of that 80%!

The one that shocked me was unplugged ~5 minutes before electrically assaulting me. The CRT does not hold energy, and the amount of capacitance that the flyback has is likely lower than 5 pF. That's hardly anything. What holds charge are the capacitors that supply/buffer the flyback circuit.

This is a long thread. This is awesome.

GameNox (author)Shinji2011-06-11

I took apart a TV and i didn't get shocked. There are 3 facts I found:
1. The CRT is a vacuum, it is also known as a vacuum tube.
2. It is not filled with gasses. Why would they even think of putting neon or another noble gas inside a TV?
3. TVs won't shock you as long as they are old and aren't plugged in and all the capacitors are empty.

Sorry bioerror it's 3 against 1...

Shinji (author)mannys91302008-07-06

The red wire is a BAD thing to play with. unless you like 15-30kV coursing through your body, don't touch the suction cup. All I am saying is that TVs are a good place to find these audio amp ICs, because they are small and self contained. TVs aren't scary, just the red wire should not be messed with unless you discharge the capacitors. Simply put, just don't touch the Red Wire .

mannys9130 (author)Shinji2008-07-06

all you have to do is stick a grounged piece of metal under the suction cup to discharge the tobe and anything left in the flyback. the red wire carries high voltage while in operation but if you discharge the tube and board, nothing will happen if you touch it. I have taken apart several crt moniters and have not seen any person that has been electrocuted after they discahrged the tht. Use insulated pliers to push a peice of metal that is grounded under the suction cup. you could also use a grounded screw driver. It is totally safe after discharge... you did unplug the cord from the wall... right?

Shinji (author)mannys91302008-07-06

It's nice to see someone who isn't afraid of Tvs... Like he says, all you have to do is ground a screwdriver via a wire going into the ground hole of an electrical wall socket, etc. and poke it under the suction cup and touch the piece of metal under it. Cathode Ray Tubes really aren't much to be afraid of.

thermoelectric (author)Shinji2008-08-04

exactly, im 13 and pulled apart many in my short life (without getting the slightest shock :) )

CameronC (author)thermoelectric2010-07-05

Try shooting a discharged crt with an air rifle - Just do it from a distance and put something to collect the glass eg thick tarp and 5 sided box made of concrete slabs. IMPLOSION!

mannys9130 (author)Shinji2008-07-06

exactly. tv sets are not scary at all. If you know what your doing and you take the procaution you will not get a lethal dose of electricity. Take caution and stay away from things unless you are properly insulated of you have discharged the electricity and the inside of the tv will not pose any threat.

Shinji (author)mannys91302008-07-07

Even still, I believe the lethal amount of electricity across your heart is 7 mA, and as I have been shocked by the flyback on a crt before, I am still here to say that it is not a lethal amount. On the inside of the monitor housing somewhere it will say how much voltage goes through that wire, and what current it is pushed at.

CameronC (author)Shinji2010-07-05

Google how to discharge a CRT safely - theres also a few instructables about it. Also don't try to remove the suction cup unless you 1) know what you're doing and 2) Have already discharged the CRT. Having your hand stuck on to a glass tube that is electrocuting you (Unlikely, but meh) doesn't sound too fun.

Derin (author)Shinji2008-07-14

or the pink

struckbyanarrow (author)Derin2009-12-18

you forgot the yellow

Shinji (author)struckbyanarrow2009-12-19

umm... The yellow? I think it wasn't us who forgot it, but all the manufacturers..

struckbyanarrow (author)Shinji2009-12-19

i was kidding :D

bioerror (author)Derin2008-07-14

Pink?!?! i've never seen any pink wire going to the flyback transformer.

Derin (author)bioerror2008-07-14

the pink is not on CRT televisions,its the hi-voltage anode for a CCFL in a LCD
ok too much terms...may i shut up now

Shinji (author)Derin2008-07-18

True, the only place I have noticed pink is in LCDs. Still high voltage, but only when on. and not near the amount of power as in a flyback.

bioerror (author)mannys91302008-07-06

The comment I made is on Info I have heard (in other words Second-Hand-Knowledge!)

Shinji (author)bioerror2008-07-07

Well, now you know :)

Shinji (author)bioerror2007-12-21

And you have to still be careful when around the red wire. The tube won't explode, it will implode as it is a vacuum chamber, and the capacitors will feed power into the step up transformer going into the two big red wires, I just don't remove those... Thats a painful spark, but but not so much fatal depending on the size of the tv. Those 2 red wires are then only places you should worry about, assuming its unplugged first... just remove the other wires on the tube so it can be placed outadaway and you can tear the IC off the circuit board underneath. Don't get me wrong, the shock CAN be fatal if the tv is not real small, and I don't like taking them apart because they're so awkward to handle. Ha ha I would just suggest taking a screwdriver and shorting any capacitors out on the board, but don't worry there is just a little spark and then you are safe to lick the wires coming out of the red wires. if you remove the big red one, the tube won't implode, there is a small layer of glass in between the vacuum chamber and metal prongs. wear leather gloves and use insulated pliuers in case of shock and pain? again, I still reccommend LCD monitors w/ speakers.

maker12 (author)Shinji2008-01-02

keep the fly back use it in a tesla coil I GOT A FLY BACK FROM A UPS ONCE! NOT A TV!

Shinji (author)maker122008-01-02

wait, explain the fly back for me please

maker12 (author)Shinji2008-01-02

it is the box with the big red cable it takes 12vac and steps it up to 2KV aT 5MA. for NSTC TV,s google "555 flyback drivers" FoR INFO

Shinji (author)maker122008-01-02

oooooooooh I thought you meant fly-back as in it shocked the h*** out of you. ha ha a tesla coil? interesting... I like the flyback because it's so good at making sparks. reminds me of my neon sign transformer...

maker12 (author)Shinji2008-01-03

i would use THE NST(neon sign transformer) for a tesla coil.

thermoelectric (author)joe570052008-08-04

I'm 13 and i have pulled apart a CRT monitor, very cautiously, now im going back for more :)

joe57005 (author)thermoelectric2008-08-04

cool. don't die.

thermoelectric (author)joe570052008-08-04

i'll never die doin this

famous last words...

Frogz (author)thermoelectric2008-08-09

i took apart my first tv when i was like 12, not all models use the same amp ic infact, alot of them will use a lm class amp(or other) there is no sure way to tell what the amp chip is but any stereo, tv, or other device with speakers(ie, not ONLY a headphones jack) will likely have an amp in it old boomboxes are perfect as the amplifier circuit generally can be tapped into with 2/3 wires and leave the circuit intact

thermoelectric (author)Frogz2008-08-09

I have a RGB amplifier out of one but i don't know what to use it for.
Here's a link to it if you know what i can use it for

Shinji (author)thermoelectric2008-08-10

The amp ICs that are independent are actually very easy to identify. They have a lot of pins and are usually SIP, mounted to a good sized heat sink, depending on the wattage it puts out. I will happily answer specific comments if anyone wants to ask. The ICs can be found in just about any monitor or TV with speakers, but boom boxes and stereos use whole circuits to power the speakers, so you do have to leave it in tact and switch the inputs and outputs. Just remember: when in doubt, Google the # on the front of the chip! And btw, unless you are working on a gigantic TV with an abnormally huge flyback, there is NOT enough current to kill you! Seriously!

thermoelectric (author)Shinji2008-08-10

Yea, I agree there isn't enough current but it will still feel like you were run over by a truck

Shinji (author)thermoelectric2008-08-11

Ha yeah it does, about a year ago I slipped and jabbed the suction cup with a screw driver not so well insulated... Thats a nasty shock, like if you jumped on a trampoline for 3 years then touched the side of it.

taz9797 (author)Shinji2009-03-29

how many replys are there going to be lol =)

thermoelectric (author)taz97972009-03-29




Shinji (author)joe570052007-10-06

I have obtained some out of LCD monitors with speakers in them, but TV's aren scary as long as you arent really really stupid, I've taken about 20 diff. ones apart and fixed them. The tv-dvd or vcr combos are easy, because the board with the amp IC detaches from anything high voltage. But stereos are considerably harder to theif an amp IC from as there are a ton that use a whole circuit of diff. IC's to amplify their speakers. Just stay clear of the big red wires in a tv...

atilladolphun (author)2010-09-28

with reguards to the cathod ray tubes i used to work at a tv plant in tn even the brand new tubes hold quite a punch i had gotten shocked by them befor and it can be felt all the way up to the sholder though at that time it was just a stadic charge so no real amps in the tube but still got your attention.

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