Step 3: Going in!

It's time to try it out!
put the belt on, and wear a shirt long enough to cover it. plug the belt in to the mp3 player, crank up the volume and put it on repeat. i recomend putting the mp3 player in your pocket. test the range by moving close to a cart until it stops. if they stop, awesome! if they don't, GO OUTSIDE then check for shorts (don't do it in the store!), if there aren't any, your mp3 player isn't loud enough.
SirStokes4 years ago
What country is this from? I'm in the US and I've only heard preposterous theories about self braking shopping carts.
i am in us and i have had a shopping cart lock up on me. look for a weird device on one of the wheels it looks innocent but it will brake it fast!
with reguards to the cathod ray tubes i used to work at a tv plant in tn even the brand new tubes hold quite a punch i had gotten shocked by them befor and it can be felt all the way up to the sholder though at that time it was just a stadic charge so no real amps in the tube but still got your attention.
grundisimo6 years ago
wouldn't that suck if you were shopping and accidentally turned your mp3 player on.
Darkseid7 years ago
We don't have these types of shopping carts around here. This project sounds interesting.
kida0017 years ago
wait wait wait, why are we talking about cathode tubes, no where in these instructions does it mention we need on
joe57005 (author)  kida0017 years ago
they are talking about pulling the audio amplifier out of a tv to boost the signal, but arguing about the risks involved. if you want to use amplification, just get some el-cheapo ipod speakers, it's safer and easier.
Shinji7 years ago
i just built one of these, and im so excited to try it i can hardly breathe... oh well. Amplifiers are very easy, just break open a tv and find an IC with only one side covered in pins, probably starts with "AN" (the # on the front) and look up the schematics online. I built one of these, and it just took an hour for a 3w amp. not amazing, but same principal i guess... T-elospathic