Portable Speaker for All Music Players





Introduction: Portable Speaker for All Music Players

Make a really easy speaker

Step 1: Parts

you need:

a speaker (you can get them from tv's, jukeboxs, and more)

ipod head phones

wire cutters

soddering iron


Step 2: Cut the Head Phones

Now, take the ipod head phones. Cut the wire right beneath the bud part.

take the insulation off the wire.

Step 3: Connect the Amp to the Head Phones

On the back of the amp there should be two wires sticking out.
connect the stripped wires from the headphones to the ones sticking from the amp.



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    Am I missing something? where is the amp is coming from?

    For those of you doing this with a large speaker i recommend making an amp of some sort so you don't blow out your ipod or mp3 player and render it useless.

    It is impossible for you to blow out your ipod by connecting a headphone jack to an unamplified speaker. The only thing that would happen is your battery would drain faster than normal because it's trying to drive a much larger speaker. I do agree that this won't work that well without an amp, though; you can see that in my first comment.

    .. many mp 3 devices can't work properly with a large speakers., if you put an 8 or 4 ohm you're almost to make a short cut in your mp 3 or audio device. size no matter but in the electronics devices the ohms Matter.... yeah is possible blow it using a large speaker because the left/right wires send an excessive positive signal to the device ground (almost Shortcut) and it could overload the internal circuits. everybody knows how to connect an speaker in to a wire. don't take a risk. take your time made an amplified speaker. i have many ideas to share but i need some time to made an instructable.

    Hey everyone, this might not be working because there is no amplifying circuit between the output (your ipod) and your speaker (the speaker you ripped out from something). If your speaker is any bigger than about 1" across you will need an amplifying circuit even with the volume turned all the way up as Derinsleep said. The ipod or any other music player will not have enough power to drive the speaker's movement, which creates the sound. I agree with JL2013; this instructable was very confusing and could have used some original pictures or video to help demonstrate what steps need to be taken.

    Roger Dodger !!!!!!!!! instead of worrying abut spelling--lets worry about if this will work !!!!!--great comment ,,thedownsmeister !!!!!!!!

    I connect a ton of speakers together and i need a small amplifier for them I gatta jack one from a cessite player or something....

    there is one at radioshack for about $25, idk how big it is, but i'm getting it when i get some money

     i doubt this is an 'ible. it just tells things we already know!

    Some of you guys can't even spell solder, how embarrassing.