How to turn an old set of computer speakers and an tobbaco can into a set of portable media speakers.

Step 1: Get an Old Set of Speakers and a Tobbaco Can

Just find an old set of pc speakers and a tobbaco can

Step 2: Fit the Peices Together

Cut the ends out for your speakers, drill a hole for the wires and make a cradle, your done. This one doesn't have an amp so its volume isn't the greatest, but it can easily be added later.
i believe you want to wire one of these speakers backwards when you do this. read about it on a car audio subwoofer forum or something. Somebody who can explain this better please step in..........thanks
One speaker wired out of phaze 180 degrees, or otherwise, reverse polarity on one speaker. This way the speakers will want to push in and out with each other instead of both pushing in on the beat.
you would want to fill the tube with cloth or cotton balls or some other noise dampening material and put a hole in the bottom about the size of a quarter to allow for a resonance chamber that won't restrict the movement of the speaker cone and would eliminate the inverse sound wave coming from the back of the speaker
you no these old tabacco tins are worth alot of money
this can is plastic with a screw on lid

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