Portable UTorrent





Introduction: Portable UTorrent

We all know uTorrent. A p2p downloading program used to download torrents.
But do you want to know how to run it off a flash drive, hardrive, etc. with ease?
Just follow the simple instructions.
And this takes about 3 minutes too.

Step 1: Step 1

so before anything. create a folder on your usb, or whatever you are using.
i named mine utorrent.

Step 2: Step 2

download utorrent from this link. and save it into your newly made folder.
just copy and paste into the browser.

with that done, go into notepad and save a blank document called "settings.dat"
make sure the file type is "all types" or "all files".

Step 3: Done!

when you start up utorrent now, a couple more files will be made, but they are harmless.
and you have a portable version of utorrent!

and ignore the nine inch nails torrent.



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Question : If I download a torrent and then use Utorrent to download them will it use the internet downloads ?

does make you less likely to get caught?

no, it doesn't make you less likely to get caught, but i don't know anyone who has been caught.

 Hey man thanx for this 'ible.   I saw somewhere how to do this before but they didnt say anything about the settings.dat fiel so thanx a lot....now i can get any1 free stuff on any computer without downloading utorrent :DDDDDDDDDDD

does this work without internet?

Nope. uTorrent needs internet to download and seed.

LIAR! I thought it used something else..