Introduction: Portable Workstacion in Pc Box

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i have room but i dont have workstacion so i made it. About me I am 13 years old and i am from lithuania sorry for my english:).
this box is good soliution for these peapole who have small space pc box and some money

Step 1: Lab Psu

Picture of Lab Psu

Firs open psu block and see what color is what voltage. But it must be off.
then find green and black and solder them i have a swich there it will turn on psu.

Step 2: Fume Extractor

Picture of Fume Extractor

i have it from old bad psu

Step 3: Led Stripe

Picture of Led Stripe

here i have switch and potentiometer

Step 4: Solder Holder

Picture of Solder Holder

i made it from one usage grill

Step 5: Wire and Small Things Box

Picture of Wire and Small Things Box

Step 6: Tools Holder

Picture of Tools Holder

i made them from strips

Step 7: Also You Will Need This

Picture of Also You Will Need This

Step 8:

Picture of

box (door) is made on hinges

Step 9: Attention

Picture of Attention

be sure that any part do not have any contact with box beacause our system will be off beacause there everythere is gnd

Step 10: This Project Isnt Completed

Picture of This Project Isnt Completed

you can see here tools they shouldt be here

Step 11:


Lectric Wizard (author)2014-04-10

Very good thinking for a young man !! You will go far in life ...

Matatas (author)Lectric Wizard2014-04-11


I should have said "young person", I just assumed you were male, and I should not have !!

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