Portable Workstation


Introduction: Portable Workstation

First , this is my first instructable , hope you forgive me and maybe my English

I started this project because of too little space and to make it easier and faster (sometimes just to solder together a bit ) . So I know that what I usually need for small parts , I have at hand . Has made a shelf to the station in my closet, so that it can easily be taken out on the table
Has made an outlet on the back , so the power cord is ready to plug in , and so has power soldering station and power supply , and the work light (important J ) . I have been inspired by others on the Internet and hope that I can inspire J write finally if there is anything you want to know



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    This is a great looking little work station! Thank you for sharing your design here!

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    dont know why the ? came on, should have been at smiley :-)

    Ha! I've done the same thing several times :)