This is an extremely cheap and easy way to start a fire anywhere in any weather, using just common household items. Leave a comment if you find a mistake, and please Vote for me in the Pocket-Sized Contest! Thanks!!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients.

Here is what you need to build your own Fire-Starter:

1. A box to fit everything in -I used a plastic Top Trumps box which happened to be on my floor at the time.
2. Steel Wool - preferably grade 3 or 4.
3. A 9v Battery (depending on the grade of the Steel Wool you use you may need a higher voltage supply, eg 2 x 9volts connected in series= 18 volts)
4. Battery Snaps - I cut mine from a broken Smoke Alarm.
5. A Switch - A push-to-break is not necessary, just handy, any On/Off Switch will work.
6. A Match - The most vital component, Safety matches are preferred but not necessary.
7. Some Kitchen Foil - I lined the plastic case with it to prevent burning and to reflect heat back at the newly-born flame:)
me thinks that the matches came out of a matchbox ,why not just take the whole shebang and use the flint on the side of the matchbox!! and put the matchbox in a plastic zip lock bag??
side of a match box is not flint, its phosphorous i fit is a strike on box match and sandpaper otherwise.
Just don't get it wet or you're SOL.<br />
I presume you store several of the matches and steel wool..? Its not a bad idea but practically its much more sense to just use a lighter rather than this dont you think?<br />
You've got matches, so again, technically it's a great way of lighting a fire, but just matches are simplier.
cool :D i should make this.
made this in an altoids tin and it works!! awesome!!! needed a 12volt battery for grade3 wool but it even works in low wind

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