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Hi! My name is Gaston Sueldo, I'm 16, I live in Argentina and yesterday I made this.

Step 1: Get your materials!

What I used: (Quite necessary)

1 meter (3.28 feet) of 10.16 cm (4 inches) of white PVC pipe
1m of blue LED strip 
1 electric converter
1 on/off switch
1 hamster wheel (I'll explain later)
A sheet of blue cellophane
A cap from a vacuum bottle (type of Thermos bottle)
A spring
Some wire
Wooden dowel or handle
Paint; Red, Black, Crystal Clear and White
Piece of 5cm x 5cm (2" x 2") lumber

Optional Items:
Cheap Mp3 player


Duct Tape
Electrical tape or Heat shrink tubing
Soldering iron and tin
Hot glue gun and glue
Dremel or Sand paper
Hammer and Nails
Tape Measure

I feel compeled to make this this summer. Portal, and a way to make a big red button. What more could you want?

mbrunette5 months ago

very cool indeed, keep up the good work

you should add one of those sound recorders so it plays the sound when you push the button
ChickenJo9 months ago

for a portal themed room you could use it as a light switch. 5* great instructable!

big kahuna burger (author)  ChickenJo9 months ago

Thank you!

AFG12010 months ago

Lo podrías subir en español, también soy de argentina y no se nada de ingles.

big kahuna burger (author)  AFG12010 months ago

Usa un traductor como google translate y si tenes alguna pregunta especifica avisame y te ayudo.

DE4D POOL2 years ago
How did you get ideas on how to build it?
big kahuna burger (author)  DE4D POOL1 year ago
Imagination... that explains why the mechanism is so stupid :p
mariejessie3 years ago
Beautiful in it's simplicity, it is a lovely instructable.

As Clazman asked (but not yet answered) what would I use this for? I've not seen anything like this before, nor have I heard of it. I'd love to know!
big kahuna burger (author)  mariejessie3 years ago
i didn't fully understand the question but basically in the game: Portal and Protal 2 the button normally releases a cube or a gel and is pretty similar to the one i build. In real life my portal button gives ligth and plays music in my room. If you didn't ever play the game here is a video that has it:


You can see the button at 0:43. So yeah you can change a lot of things in it to make it better but i wanted to make similar to the in game button
Also my next future project can be seen in that video at 1:19
Is the giant red button on the floor, that will open the door of my bedroom and will turn on a path of ligths from the button to the door, by putting a cube on it.

If you didn't play portal isn't really good to build this, i mostly made this instructable to help persons (like me) that want to have a "portal themed bedroom"
Ah, now I understand! Thanks for the clarification!
clazman3 years ago
Not being at all familiar with pillar buttons and their purpose so my thought might sound stupid.

Why not make the slots discontinuous? The ribs would help maintain the circular cross section of the tube.

A router and a fixture, i.e. v-block, could help make the slots more professional.

Nice job, for whatever this device accomplishes.
ironicnet3 years ago
Nice to see an argentinian here!!!

Nice project, keep them going on =)
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Just like the real thing, awesome!

Also, congratulations on your first Instructable! You should mention it on the Rewards for New Authors page!
big kahuna burger (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Muchas gracias
JGWalrus3 years ago
Awesome...Thats all I can say. I'll have to make this soon.
LandMime3 years ago
Nice job... I really like that size button. I just turned 60 years and big is much easier for my hands and eyes. Thanks :o)
big kahuna burger (author) 3 years ago
Thanks so much.
Does anyone knows if i can ad this to the "20 portal projects"?
no, because then it would be 21 portal projects.
pie R []ed3 years ago
Wonderful! I like how you manged such a great quality build wit such simple materials! One idea: You could hook up the led's with a transistor like in this ible: http://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ and get a light reactive set up.

pie R []ed
big kahuna burger (author)  pie R []ed3 years ago
that's a good thing about LED's. You can get really creative if you know what you are doing. This is the first time i used them so i just made it simple, but the guy in the electricity store show me a lot of stuff like diferent colours leds, regulators so you can make the color leds dance and change, even a lazer thing that i didn't understand :S

Make inmprovements to this projects in accordance of your electricity skills!
Hiyadudez3 years ago
Its... so... BEAUTIFUL!!!

5* :D Great work/
SHIFT!3 years ago
Oh, I am SOOOO building this for Instructables HQ!
neat! refreshingly original, just wish there were better pictures!
I'm surprised I haven't seen more props of the buttons and such...
Mostly it's either the cubes or the turrets that I've seen.
"Please move quickly to the next test chamber, as prolonged exposure to the button is not part of this test."

Very nice work, looks the part indeed!