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Hi! My name is Gaston Sueldo, I'm 16, I live in Argentina and yesterday I made this.

Step 1: Get Your Materials!

What I used: (Quite necessary)

1 meter (3.28 feet) of 10.16 cm (4 inches) of white PVC pipe
1m of blue LED strip 
1 electric converter
1 on/off switch
1 hamster wheel (I'll explain later)
A sheet of blue cellophane
A cap from a vacuum bottle (type of Thermos bottle)
A spring
Some wire
Wooden dowel or handle
Paint; Red, Black, Crystal Clear and White
Piece of 5cm x 5cm (2" x 2") lumber

Optional Items:
Cheap Mp3 player


Duct Tape
Electrical tape or Heat shrink tubing
Soldering iron and tin
Hot glue gun and glue
Dremel or Sand paper
Hammer and Nails
Tape Measure
<p>Thank you although not exactly the same but your instructions helped me with putting together my own Pillar button for my Portal themed room.</p>
<p>I feel compeled to make this this summer. Portal, and a way to make a big red button. What more could you want?</p>
<p>very cool indeed, keep up the good work</p>
you should add one of those sound recorders so it plays the sound when you push the button
<p>for a portal themed room you could use it as a light switch. 5* great instructable!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Lo podr&iacute;as subir en espa&ntilde;ol, tambi&eacute;n soy de argentina y no se nada de ingles.</p>
<p>Usa un traductor como google translate y si tenes alguna pregunta especifica avisame y te ayudo.</p>
How did you get ideas on how to build it?
Imagination... that explains why the mechanism is so stupid :p
Beautiful in it's simplicity, it is a lovely instructable. <br> <br>As Clazman asked (but not yet answered) what would I use this for? I've not seen anything like this before, nor have I heard of it. I'd love to know!
i didn't fully understand the question but basically in the game: Portal and Protal 2 the button normally releases a cube or a gel and is pretty similar to the one i build. In real life my portal button gives ligth and plays music in my room. If you didn't ever play the game here is a video that has it: <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeedaeAVli0 <br> <br>You can see the button at 0:43. So yeah you can change a lot of things in it to make it better but i wanted to make similar to the in game button
Also my next future project can be seen in that video at 1:19 <br>Is the giant red button on the floor, that will open the door of my bedroom and will turn on a path of ligths from the button to the door, by putting a cube on it. <br> <br>If you didn't play portal isn't really good to build this, i mostly made this instructable to help persons (like me) that want to have a &quot;portal themed bedroom&quot;
Ah, now I understand! Thanks for the clarification!
Not being at all familiar with pillar buttons and their purpose so my thought might sound stupid. <br> <br>Why not make the slots discontinuous? The ribs would help maintain the circular cross section of the tube. <br> <br>A router and a fixture, i.e. v-block, could help make the slots more professional. <br> <br>Nice job, for whatever this device accomplishes.
Nice to see an argentinian here!!! <br> <br> <br>Nice project, keep them going on =)
Just like the real thing, awesome!<br /> <br /> Also, congratulations on your first Instructable! You should mention it on the<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Rewards-for-New-Authors/"> Rewards for New Authors page</a>!
Muchas gracias
Awesome...Thats all I can say. I'll have to make this soon.
Nice job... I really like that size button. I just turned 60 years and big is much easier for my hands and eyes. Thanks :o)
Thanks so much. <br>Does anyone knows if i can ad this to the &quot;20 portal projects&quot;?
no, because then it would be 21 portal projects.
Wonderful! I like how you manged such a great quality build wit such simple materials! One idea: You could hook up the led's with a transistor like in this ible: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ and get a light reactive set up. <br> <br>Best, <br>pie R []ed
that's a good thing about LED's. You can get really creative if you know what you are doing. This is the first time i used them so i just made it simple, but the guy in the electricity store show me a lot of stuff like diferent colours leds, regulators so you can make the color leds dance and change, even a lazer thing that i didn't understand :S <br> <br>Make inmprovements to this projects in accordance of your electricity skills!
Its... so... BEAUTIFUL!!! <br> <br>5* :D Great work/
Oh, I am SOOOO building this for Instructables HQ!
neat! refreshingly original, just wish there were better pictures!
Nice! <br>I'm surprised I haven't seen more props of the buttons and such... <br>Mostly it's either the cubes or the turrets that I've seen.
&quot;Please move quickly to the next test chamber, as prolonged exposure to the button is not part of this test.&quot; <br> <br>Very nice work, looks the part indeed!

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