Portal 2 Themed Bedroom





Introduction: Portal 2 Themed Bedroom

Hiya friends from the interwebs! I'm here to show you a little bit of what my brother and I did this summer. (still a little bit of a work in progress and I will update this as more and more things get completed)

But anywho- Over the summer, my brother and I decided to theme his room to the Valve game Portal 2. And epicness ensued. HOORAY FOR PHOTOS!!!

Things currently completed:
Ratman murals, Companion cube mural, Wheatley model, wall tiling, bedspread, Level sign, conversion gel pipes.

Things still in construction:
Companion cube hamper, model turret, radio casing, aperture science logo mural, portal-mirrors.



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    hello it looks cool

    hello it looks cool

    brilliant, looks fantastic, why not have murals of the blue and orange portals on the walls/doors?

    where did you get the bed sheets from?

    Absolutely love this. Just wish I could do it to my room... :/