Hiya friends from the interwebs! I'm here to show you a little bit of what my brother and I did this summer. (still a little bit of a work in progress and I will update this as more and more things get completed)

But anywho- Over the summer, my brother and I decided to theme his room to the Valve game Portal 2. And epicness ensued. HOORAY FOR PHOTOS!!!

Things currently completed:
Ratman murals, Companion cube mural, Wheatley model, wall tiling, bedspread, Level sign, conversion gel pipes.

Things still in construction:
Companion cube hamper, model turret, radio casing, aperture science logo mural, portal-mirrors.
RMP200314 days ago


fibcoa724 days ago

Absolutely love this. Just wish I could do it to my room... :/

flapper5013 years ago
This was a triumph

just keep trying till you run out of cake

im making a note here : huge succes
Its hard to over state my satisfaction.
Krayzi99 Styrac3 years ago
Aperture Science.
we do what we must, because we can
for the good of all of us,
Except the ones who are dead.
But there's no sense crying over every mistake,
azbud jmiester3 years ago
You just keep trying till you run out of cake.
and the science gets done
and you make a neat gun,
for the people who are still alive
I'm not even angry,
I'm being so sincere right now.
Even though you broke my heart and killed me.
And tore me to pieces.
and threw every piece, into, a fire.
As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
Now these points of data make a beautiful line,
And we're out of beta.
we're releasing on time
So im GLaD I i got burned,
Think of all the things we learned
for the people who are still alive.
Go ahead and leave me.
I think I prefer to stay inside
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.
Maybe black Mesa
That was a joke, HAHA, fat chance
Anyway this cake is great
It's so delicious and moist.
look at me still talking when theres science to do
when I look out there, it makes me glad I'm not you.
i've experiments to run
there is research to be done,
ON the people who are still alive!
And belive me I am still alive!
I'm doing science and I'm still alive
When you are dying I'll be still alive!
And when you're dead I will be still alive!

Still Alive, Still Alive.


STILL ALive....
I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive
still alive, sTill alive
aol10441 year ago
To everyone who put the lyrics to the end song in Portal: Still Alive, you all are awesome.
Ernext2 years ago
I REALLY LOVE your room!
I love the room I wish I could do this. but I wave to share a room with my brother. sigh... Well anyways great job keep up the work. I made the CC mural though.
Nice, do you realise we pretty much posted the same comment? lol
funnylily233 years ago
i do not get it
Grzld3 years ago
did you make the bedspread yourself, because i really like it
KittenJedi3 years ago
Ooooh boy. I'm glad I was looking at this while the spawnling was in another room. As it is, he's been bugging for a Portal room. I might have to surprise him with one next time he comes home from a long visit with Daddy. I look forward to future instructables you might post with this theme!
mberg3 years ago
That's quiet impressive!! Great job. You should've made a companion cube stool. That would've been awesome! =]
treese1 (author)  mberg3 years ago
currently working on a companion cube hamper, actually. I'll keep you guys posted once everything else is complete.
this is awesome
the test chamber sign was a nice touch!
i made one to, but this dude is great.
yeah sure
that is very nice of you. thanks
Hi "that asian nerd", i'm new here. want to be freinds ?
Edje093 years ago
This was just SO COOL! If you did an Instructable for each of the parts, I'd probably die (mostly from exhaustion, due to the need to immediately try to complete each and every epic step).
HellGnome3 years ago
how did you make the chamber 11 sign ? please reply i need to know! :)
Ah you went all out.
i was going too but then my girlfriend moved in with me, with her stuff.. so all i got done was the CC mural.
Companion Cube Ratman Painting.jpg
CazzPhoenix3 years ago
This is very cool. I'd love to see how it's coming along since I know this is an older post. As for the people suggesting portals, if you haven't already, don't do it. The only ways to do portals would cheapen the otherwise nice design or be too expensive to bother with. Having said that, the best way to do the portals would be 2 large tvs with webcams placed behind the wall/ceiling with the portals cut out. Then combine paint and EL wire for the blue and orange. Each tv would, of course, display the image in front of the other.
jschrold3 years ago
What Color Paint Did you use for the wall on the first picture?
treese1 (author)  jschrold3 years ago
it's just a light gray. I'm not sure of the exact swatch name, as we painted it a while ago...
gonna make something like that
vulcan243 years ago
SWEET JESUS THAT IS AMAZING!!!! I will buy the finished product off you for $9001! I am immediately going to do this to my bedroom. Bye!
dombeef3 years ago
This is awesome! Although I think you are missing a Companion Cube in the corner, that would be cool!
treese1 (author)  dombeef3 years ago
That's still on my to do list. I'll update this instructable as I complete more and more pieces of the room. :)
make the companion cube a bean bag
Einaikou693 years ago
Did you make the test chamber sign? If not where'd you get it?
treese1 (author)  Einaikou693 years ago
yes actually! I started with a black piece of foam core and taped off the large '11' and any other lines thick enough for that process. I painted the entire board white with a technique that left some black texture showing through and removed the tape. after that I printed out and super glued the "warning sign" boxes at the bottom. (all available online, or you can design them yourself) after everything dried we screwed the sign into the wall and painted over the screws making our very own portal level sign!
Higley10893 years ago
this inspired me to do this to my room! This room looks awesome
Pahl3 years ago
Very nicely done, I am wondering where the portals are though...
good point... mabye they're invisible? but it would look better with portals somewhere or even have one on the ceiling and one on the floor and have like a radio or something hang from the ceiling to look like an infinite loop
Mirrors! You should stick one on the mirror and then (with enough talent) cut out a mirror to the same size as the one on the mirror and stick it directly across the room.
Dude, that is SWEET!!! LOVE IT ALL!!! Can`t wait to see the turret model and potal mirrors, but good job!!!!
Please tell me how to make the level sign, it is so cool
vsams143 years ago
Are the murals panted onto the walls or are they on a piece of really large brown paper? Because inwouldnlove to do this but I'm not sure that it would be ok for me to paint that directly onto my wall.
And to let you know, it looks amazing. Wen if I cant do it now, I'm sure I'll get around to this eventually!!!
kasta963 years ago
I'think that I'm going to make a room like this! Can you make some instructables please?
treese1 (author)  kasta963 years ago
Unfortunately, I didn't document the creation of all of the pieces. The instructable for the Wheatley model is located here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Portal-2-Wheatley-prop/

I'll try to make more instructables as we go further in the process.