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Introduction: Portal Chell Costume/Cosplay

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Hello Lovely People, 

Last Halloween I went out as Chell, I made about half the costume, but altered things i did buy

I made the boots by taking an old pair of black boots, cutting the front part off. I glued on elastic straps and velcro to get in and out of the shoes easily and covering them with white foam and painted on the pattern. I  zip tied/ glued two pieces of metal to the top and bottom of the boots

I bought a construction suit in my size from value village and painted on the designs using references from the internet

I bout a white t-shirt and made it into a tank top-in hind sight should have bought a tank top haha, but I cut up the shirt sewed the edges and used print screening to put the aperture logo on

I had a blue tank top already 



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    Ah, Long Fall Boots. The latest in momentum-resistant footwear.

    Absolutely Wonderful. The boots came out great and I think they make the outfit!

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    Aww thanks ! :D yeah I really like the boots too :D