This was inspired by Ryan Kelly's amazing Portal Christmas Tree, which I read about last year on io9.com  and agreed that it was, indeed, absolutely genius.  So when my roommate told me she was going to toss out her old fake Christmas tree, I convinced her to let me create a Portal Tree of my own. However, she gave me only five days to do it before she tossed the tree off the balcony. As a result, the photos were kind of rushed, but I just HAD to make an instructable for it!

Fake Christmas Tree
Two colors of rope lights
Extension cords (ideally the colour of your wall)
Hooks for rope lights
Stronger hook for tree
Zip ties or scotch tape
Fishing line
Green electrical tape
VERY LIGHT Tree decorations

Step 1: Choose Your Location

What's great about this tree is that the top and bottom parts don't have to be over top of each other. In fact, they can be a little offset so you can still decorate the top part without the bottom being in the way. We also toyed with the idea of putting the top part of the tree in a different room, and even considered making it having the top coming out of the wall horizontally.  But in the end, I kind of liked having them almost over top of each other, but you can get pretty creative with positioning the two portals.  

One thing to consider, however, is that you still need plug in the lights on the ceiling, so I would suggest placing it near a wall or in such a way that you can easily hide the cord. If you can get your hands on some lights that are battery-powered, that would solve a lot of problems too. The bottom has a little more freedom, but keep it near enough to a wall that you can use fishing line to secure it upright.
<p>Because I don't want to make a hole in my ceiling. Next year I might do this and just have both sides on the floor or replacing a picture. By the way, love the idea!</p>
Love it!!!
0_0 !!! <br>amazing!
This is very clever
Cool, cool, cool, but... I vote for the top coming out of the wall horizontally!
I haven't stopped laughing.

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