I am ten years old and after hearing about the game Portal, I looked into it, and I had a bunch of ideas. But this light idea was the best, so I decided to put it on Instructables. After spending some time in Michaels, I found a cube shaped tissue box, and I made my useful cube light. What you'll need: 2 Durable, Cuttable Boxes Frosted Plastic Material Wire Hot Glue Gun and Glue White and Silver Acrylic Paints Tape LEDs Scissors Knife

Step 1: Cutting

For cutting your box, you will probably want to use an X- Knife. I used scissors, and they work just as well. Take a pencil and make a perfect X on the box. Measure the radius of the dowel object you are going to trace, and mark it from the center of your X. Trace a dowel object by the mark to get the circle perfectly aligned. When you're cutting, I recommend scoring before cutting.
<p>Nice, begin with the easy ones.</p>
Nice! That looks really cool.
Like it! Good job.

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