Picture of Portal Gun from 3D printed parts
It all started with the game. I'm not a massive fan of FPS, but my boyfriend convinced me to give Portal 2 a try. I think i'll trust his game recommendations a little more from now on, because I loved it!…which based on my 'logical' progression of thought then leads on to “I have to make it!”. And so it began.
The research began with the one and only Volpin. Harrison Krix is a real prop maker, and his ASHPD's are a treat for the eyes! Check him out at http://www.instructables.com/member/volpin/  and his blog at http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/
Needless to say, with neither the tools, nor the talent, I didn't expect to end up with a prop which could be put alongside his and look the part. So without the tools, how could we make a decent replica of everyone's favourite ASHPD?

I've uploaded this Instructable for the Hurricane Lasers comp; think of all the awesome costume and prop parts that could be made with a laser cutter! Or maybe even the stand for this ASHPD which I have the acrylic for, but have neglected to complete due to being distracted by new projects. :)

This isn't a list of all the parts needed, rather a run through of the build.
Please feel free to ask any questions; i've gained so much from this community, now i'm just glad to be able to share something in return!

You can see the cosplay skit I used this prop in (which won best skit!) on YouTube here.
You can get the 3D printed parts from Jarly Props on Shapeways should you wish to use the same ones as me.
AntoineO2 months ago

Can you upload the files please ? I have a 3d printer and it will be usefull for other people (sorry if i made mistake)

lauren1526 months ago
Can you please upload the files now?:D I have a 3d printer and don't want to pay for shape ways ;-;
RISICO961 year ago
Awesome work

do you have any dimensions or drawings with dimensions?
Id like to draw this on solidworks

please send to risico96@gmail.com
nerd74731 year ago
epic describes this instructable very well
DanK11382 years ago
you should put the models on this so that we can find somewhere else to get them made, and for a cheaper price.
fbarbieri12 years ago
This is not good, it's superb! amazing job on the details and all else!
alinke2 years ago
really cool!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
So which material did you choose? And what was the total cost?
Please tell!
That is just fantastic, I love it, awesome. :)
mikroGanesh2 years ago
Simply amazing
Can we get the 3D model anywhere? I have access to a 3D printer (hooray for hackerspaces) and there's no way I'm paying a couple hundred bucks on shapeways.
3D printing is awesome... but expensive... awesome work and all but no money to do this kinda project... i'll keep it in my fav for future use :D Thank you for the awesome instructable!!
This makes me so happy! :-)
carly.lewis (author)  ingridavendano2 years ago
Me too...don't you worry! :)
Honus2 years ago
Epic! Just an awesome prop build.

If you need help getting the sound board working let me know- me make circuits too. :)

Didn't I see this build on the RPF a while back?
carly.lewis (author)  Honus2 years ago
Haha awesome! I'll be in touch for sure!
And yes you did; I dropped off when they got hacked and really need to get back to it...
This is amazing! Spot on!
carly.lewis (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you so much! :)
That is absolutely stunning. Probably the best one I've ever seen. Great job. :D
carly.lewis (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you! I'm really proud of it. :)