Step 6: Mount, then Done!

Picture of Mount, then Done!
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After adding the wall-mounting hardware to the frame and a nail to the wall, it's ready to hang! This was a triumph. I'm making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS!

But seriously, it was surprisingly easy and it turned out pretty well. Now go make your own, but better!
amansell12 years ago
were did you get the sign template? did you get it from the game? or off the internet?
tarkan_2 years ago
I think that if you've placed the middle horizontal wood part just where you've drawn the level progress bar, it would be more discreet and better looking ^^ .
Anyway, I'll have to try out this cool project, that's just awesome! Great Job!
Hugo Boom3 years ago
This is really clever and it looks PERFECT! Even if I don't make one myself (god knows I'll try) I'll definitely use some of the techniques! Written very well btw :D
dominator24 (author)  Hugo Boom3 years ago
Thanks! If you do end up making one, post some pictures!