Cozy pajama jumpsuit perfect for testing in! Modelled after Chell's Portal 1 jumpsuit.

You Need:
orange and white fleecel fabric (used about 11/2 yards of orange for myself, but I am short!)
orange and white thread
orange zipper (length depends on how long your torso is)
small rectangular scrap of cotton and iron on transfers (or an Aperture patch)
poster board or cardstock
references of Chell's Portal jumpsuit (I googled Portal jumpsuit and Chell to get some)
white bias tape or piping (optional for the details on the pockets and sleeve/back details. I just used strips of the white fleece)
sewing machine

Thank you so much for voting these into the Game Life and Fashion Contest Finalists! Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

Step 1: Fitting the Jumpsuit

1. I used an old pair of footie pajamas to get a basic shape down. Since this is lounge wear, I wanted it to be pretty loose. You need to cut two pieces on the fold. To get the right length you will need to measure from your collar bone to past your knee to get an approximate size. It's better to err on the size of too big, since it's easier to resize it smaller. 

2. Once you've cut out the basic shape for the jumpsuit, pin the tops of the shoulder seams and try them on. You'll want to keep fitting the jumpsuit on yourself to get your desired fit. Sew up the shoulder seams with the insides facing each other.

3. Sew the back seam part of the way down and try on the jumpsuit again. Pin the legs up to where the crotch of the jumpsuit will be. This is the best time to get the fit right.
Can you explain how you did the back with the fabric? I don't know how to silk screen and hate the look of fabric paint. It always looks crappy.
I printed out a copy of the Aperture logo and made a template of one of the segments using a piece of poster board. I cut out eight pieces from some of the leftover white fleece. I tried to pin each piece in place as best I could and then hand sewed them on. I'll try to upload a clearer picture later, if that helps.
I might just use this pattern for a ewok costume
<p>like dis</p>
<p>like dis</p>
<p>so cute</p>
This was a triumph <br>
what is i have to go poddy? you know like b4 i can get them down?
Was thinking the same .... It's not toilet friendly
Awesome. I mean, I'm not gonna make 'em, but nice product!
Looking good Racha!
I love Portal, though I don't know if I'd ever wear these. Cool project though.
This one of my kids' favorite games. I might have to make them a pair of these!
Wow!!!! You turned the awesome dial up all the way when you did this. Where's the portal gun?
So, SO adorable.
These look amazingly comfortable!!!
Pajamas... This is THE BEST IDEA! :D
Looks awesome! You just need a plush portal gun or companion cube!
I want to make my own portal gun and there are great tutorials online, I just need more space to work. I have no room in my current place.
I travel the world, and a bigger pair, to go to public showers, with all the pockets would be great. I must share the shower in Hostels, some cheap hotels, etc, and need pockets for shower stuff. Terry cloth would help me dry.
Great idea. I think I'd like to do the same.
You could easily turn it into a bath robe as well, if you sewed the back all the way down, left the front open and turned the belt into a robe tie.
Hihi, you look so cute in those jammies. Especially nice for kids I think.. To be honest I can't sleep with clothes on, it feels so choking. So I imagine most people have this and the jammies are mostly for aesthetic purposes? <br> <br>They are great nonetheless!
Yeah, it is definitely more of a hang around the house or nap on the couch outfit.
I can't sleep without pyjamas, it feels comforting. Thought I would say wearing pj's is more a feminine thing, cause I don't actually know another man who wears more then pants.
Ha, yeah for me it's mostly the feeling around my neck and waste and when I move in bed more tension around my shoulders or something..<br><br>To add to that.. It's just too warm :)
<br>This is great! Thanks for sharing!
This is my favourite thing I have seen on instructables recently! I am making myself one post-haste!
Looks like u made some cheat on the back logo in the last picture, would like to see the sewed one
nice work
looks real cool! <br>

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