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"You did it! The weighted companion cube certainly brought you good luck!"

If you're anything like the test subjects of the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center, you never want your Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube to leave your side. That's why I made this Companion Cube lucky charm. After the cube was finished, it didn't seem right just hanging off a string. I decided it needed something proper holding it up. The Aperture Science Hand-held Portal Device was the obvious choice.

The cube itself is air-drying clay and a paperclip painted with acrylics. The gun is a piece of a BIC pen covered in clay and staples.


arronsparrow (author)2011-12-19

DO you have a instructable for this

ScreamQueen2011 (author)2011-01-18

The cake is a lie...and if you heard what is really in wouldnt want to eat it xD

dishdog182 (author)2010-07-22

I really miss my companion cube..... and remember The Cake is a lie

HmstrSteve1 (author)dishdog1822010-10-21


gamegenie2k (author)2010-07-29

That's really cool. Just remember to euthanize your faithful companion cube pendant when you're done, or you'll get no cake.

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