Picture of Portal Wedding Cake
This is  my first ever wedding cake, made for my best friends who are portal mad!

Step 1: Top Tier

Picture of Top Tier
As guests at this wedding were fussy, i made a basic sponge mixture for the cupcakes, and the main cake on the top tier as follows:

Top Tier - Weighed Companion Cube

1 - Mix 12oz of unsalted softened butter with 12oz of caster sugar. Beat together until all the butter is creamed together with the sugar. For best results use a electric hand mixer.

2 - Sift 12 oz of self raising flour into a separate bowl. 

3 - Add one egg to the butter and sugar mixture, and a spoonful of the sifted flour, and mix until fully incorporated.

4 - Do this until you have added a total of 6 standard size eggs to the cake mix. Now add the rest of the flour, mixing well.

5 - one the whole mixture looks tasty and creamy, add 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence, and mix one final last time.

6 - Grease and line square 9" cake tin

7 - put cake into preheated oven at 175C for 1hour - 1h 30mins.

8- check cake is cooked by inserting a metal skewer into the center of the cake - if it comes away clean, then cake is done, if not leave for a few minutes longer.

9 - When cake is done, leave to cool for 30 mins in tin, then turn out to cool on a wire cooling rack.

QueenQuill4 years ago
But...but...BUT....THE CAKE IS A LIE!?!?!!! lol...I absolutely love you for creating this cake! It's seriously the coolest cake evar!!! You've got mad skills!
nicnak (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for ur kind comments guys, i was a bit nervous putting my cake idea on here. Hehe. The cake went down really well at the reception, the bride and groom cut the top cake and served it, and the cup cakes were put into favour boxes to b taken home by the guests. Worked a treat :)
canida4 years ago
Cool idea! I love the cupcake/cake combo, too.
Ward_Nox4 years ago
you know cupcakes on a tiered display is a clever way to do a wedding cake i gotta sayyou get consistency of portion no extra left over cake and you still get a top if you wanna do the whole freeze it and eat it on your first anniversary thing