Step 5: Making Poppets

You can obviously design your own. But you can also just use mine for now.

1. Using one of the scrap acrylic pieces from the light box, laser cut the poppet base squares (poppet_base.ai). Using the other scrap acrylic, laser cut the poppet character outlines (poppet_chars.ai).

2. Print out the characters (02_stickers_sm.jpg) on the clear sticker sheet.

3. Roughly cut out the characters (so there’s plenty of excess sticky) and attach them to the appropriate acrylic characters, trying your best to line up the edges of the drawing with the edges of the acrylic.

4. Flip it over and use an x-acto knife to trim off the excess sticker sheet on the edges.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the back side of the characters as well.

6. Print out the fiducial markers (01_markers_sm.jpg) on the clear sticker paper. (These are the same markers included with reactivision, just scaled down to poppet size and arranged to be printed on the stickers)

7. Roughly cut out the fiducial markers and align them to the square bases. I included the small text on the bottom so I would know what the ID of each marker was. Trim off the excess after its attached.

8. Attach the characters to their bases using some acrylic cement.
What is the approximate cost?
<p>THIS IS AWESOME!! I am an arts student. and i suck at software. isn't there any easy way to do it? </p>
What Camtwist isn't on windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you please provide a video on how to set up camtwist?
Can you use camtwist for other video purposes?
&quot;That is awesome!&quot;<br>(Lego movie tune)
<p>That is EXPENSIVE how rich are you</p>
Whaaaaaaat. That's cool.
What about skype instead of the camtwist program? Its available on most platforms and allows for plugins to enhance tue whole deal. Just a thought. <br> <br>Awesome work though, instructables like this are what makes me love this site so much. So much ingenuity and creativity. Keep up the awesome work!
Sorry actually skype would replace ichat. But maybe a plugin could be written to replace camtwist as well.
Is it necessary to use an iMac, is the software or something similar available for windows and/or linux?
I suppose you could use something other than a Mac, most of the software works on Mac or Windows. <br> <br>CamTwist, which is what sort of makes the magic happen is for Mac only. There are other similar programs out there for Windows but I don't know which ones would work best since I haven't tested for it. But let me know if you find a good one!
I like to make this project for my own. but the software's is the problem, all of it need to use mac operation.. is there any software's that can be use for window or Linux.... please help me please. i already buy the components.
I found this, didn't know if it will help or not. <br> <br>http://www.pcwinsoft.com/screencamera/
wow! absolutely amazing, wonderful idea and execution!
This is beautiful!!! It would be awesome if you had several locations linked up, throughout a city, or in several cities. Very very cool. So many possibilities.
Very cool idea, and an excellent implementation. I love watching &quot;adults&quot; play without realizing they're doing it. :-) <br>
Thanks! Yeah the best part of the project is seeing how people of all ages play with it.
super cool idea, you should test with kinect, really amazing capturing device, available for PC and mac with the SDK (drivers included) or also EyeToy, same way ! and all that for free....
I thought about the Kinect for this but unfortunately it doesn't work very well for close up tracking, which I needed for this scale. But I'd love to play with it more for other projects.
I would like to see two hands in different 'portals' interact with each other... that would be freaky!
When playing with it, people do often interact with each other and play as if they're in the same space.
this is the only reason i am taking any electronics classes in high school.
: ) Awesome you get to take electronics classes in high school. I wish I had that opportunity!
W-O-W... Wow....
indeed &quot; WOW &quot; that so sic yo i want 1 now &gt;.&lt;
Smart and clever and fun!
This is so awesome. Nicely done!
This is so freakin' awesome!! : )
i read about virtual texturtes this seems to have a lot of potianel i wonder if that could be added lallter in the futre great job love the portal
OH MY GOD! That's freaking amazing.

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