Step 5: Making Poppets

Picture of Making Poppets
You can obviously design your own. But you can also just use mine for now.

1. Using one of the scrap acrylic pieces from the light box, laser cut the poppet base squares (poppet_base.ai). Using the other scrap acrylic, laser cut the poppet character outlines (poppet_chars.ai).

2. Print out the characters (02_stickers_sm.jpg) on the clear sticker sheet.

3. Roughly cut out the characters (so there’s plenty of excess sticky) and attach them to the appropriate acrylic characters, trying your best to line up the edges of the drawing with the edges of the acrylic.

4. Flip it over and use an x-acto knife to trim off the excess sticker sheet on the edges.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the back side of the characters as well.

6. Print out the fiducial markers (01_markers_sm.jpg) on the clear sticker paper. (These are the same markers included with reactivision, just scaled down to poppet size and arranged to be printed on the stickers)

7. Roughly cut out the fiducial markers and align them to the square bases. I included the small text on the bottom so I would know what the ID of each marker was. Trim off the excess after its attached.

8. Attach the characters to their bases using some acrylic cement.