Picture of Porter's Ray Gun ( Cod)
My take on the Call of Duty Zombies, mark 1 Porter's Ray Gun
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Step 1: Sketches/materials

Picture of Sketches/materials
I really wanted my own cod ray gun, and as I couldn't find one to buy I decided to make my own. I started by looking at images of ray guns online, I then made a rough sketch and started to label what parts i might need, and what I would use. Over a few weeks I picked up lots of the things I need either from food packaging or trips around £1 / bargain stores. The main items are tie straps, a duck watering can. A cheap toy pistol, a bottle of the right shape. A light with two LEDs in, a twisty straw, funnels and a few other bits and bobs.

Step 2: Rough Shape

Picture of Rough Shape
2013 18:59.jpg
I then cut down the parts I had and placed them out to give me an idea of what I still needed, every time adding just a little more over time.

Step 3: Wiring

Picture of Wiring
2013 18:59.jpg
I then placed in the wiring and the LEDs in. I also wanted to be able to replace the batteries , so I used a small medicine bottle so the lid still twisted like it should. I also added the switch using a tic tax lid, some mecarno to make a switch and a figure missile.

Step 4: Glueing

Picture of Glueing
2013 18:59.jpg
I mainly used a hot glue gun to stuck it all together and to mould some shapes. After the body was all glued, I then used red spray paint, and coated the bottle with white paper.

Step 5: Mistakes

Picture of Mistakes
2013 18:59.jpg
The bottle that I used ended up not letting enough light through, also it started to melt with the glue gun and warped. So I cut it off and made the barrel out of card board and used a piece of laminated paper for the top.
dogfacelol1 year ago
Can I buy one
Xixfas1 year ago
build the wundurwaffel!
rev5121 year ago
You DID name it Ronald, right?
kanew1 year ago
Nice work! Now time to attempt the rest of the wonder weapons!
joxley11 year ago
Mark II next?
Brilliant man, just brilliant. It ought to be a build table item in a future map.
cplotz1 year ago
This is awesome my son would love to build on of these.
Go Repairs1 year ago
I love the imagination that's gone into this. Will you be attempting the Wunderwaffe DG-2?
Dude your amazing
Kiteman1 year ago
Oh, that's rather cool!