(10) Portfolio Solar Landscape Flood Lamp HACK (Update 9/27/13)

Picture of (10) Portfolio Solar Landscape Flood Lamp HACK (Update 9/27/13)
We live in a building that goes through power outages on a regular basis.
Happens almost every month with no apology from HECO, the local electric company.

I spotted these flood lamps in a Lowes display. Their light was very much different from the usual LED. The light was not so bluish/white, it was a more natural yellowish that was close to a soft white incandescent. I bought a set for around $30 and took them home.

The idea I have is to remove the small 6V solar panel, save it for another project and install a tiny switch on two of the flood lamps.
I want to be able to operate two lamps with one switch and one lamp with the other switch.

I'm going to be able to plug in the three lamps to the 12V 200Ah battery. The battery is part of our solar PV system.
A small power distribution panel will be needed for each voltage I am going to use with various electronic devices.

Since the lamps work on 3 volts I will need a fused DC to DC Converter, switch for the converter and outlet to plug the lamps into.

This project is a part of my 'Pluggables' series because I want to be able to use various electronic devices on the PV System we already have, during blackouts.
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Step 1: And Parts Is Parts

Picture of And Parts Is Parts
1 Box Portfolio 3ct Landscape Floodlamps Model #0010247
1 DC To DC Converter Model AH55
1 Panel Mount Fuse Holder
3 Minature DC Switches (SPST)
2-7 Segment Bus Bars
1 Banana Jack Outlet
2 Banana Jack Plugs
2 Stand Offs
Hook-Up Wire (Red And Black)

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
Drill Motor
7/32" Drill Bit
7/64" Drill Bit
1/2" Drill Bit
Counter Sink Bit
Screwdriver Bits
Solder Iron
Rosen Core Solder
Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters
Exacto Knife
Hot Glue Gun