Posable Mr. Resistor Magnet!





Introduction: Posable Mr. Resistor Magnet!

Inspired by the Resistor Man Instructable by chr, this little guy provides both entertainment and usefulness for the family. He is light, magnetic, posable, and a whole lot of fun to play with.

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Step 1: Make a Man (Out of Resistors!)

You can check out chr's Resistor Man Instructable for making one of these little guys, but the basic steps are as follows:

~Get some resistors and an LED
~Put them together in a fashion that resembles a man

For the fridge magnet version, we won't be using the base, so don't bother with that step.

Step 2: Magnetize

Grab your magnets and hot glue gun! Simply attach the magnets onto the arms and legs, even the back if you care to do so, and let the glue dry. Throw it on the fridge and start having some fun!

Additionally, you can add others decorations.

Suggestions idea by PocketSized.

Suggested by momo!:
It would be super funny if instead of the LED head, make a large face out of a foamcore circle and draw a silly face on it so the head will not be easily confused with the magnet feet.And maybe a little cape with electric tape. :)



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    Interesting! What wattage soldering iron do you use... 25, 40 or what???
    What kind of solder--- lead free, 60/40, or???
    Should I "Tin" the wire first?

    I can design interesting positions for his little guy. He (she ??) is wonderful!
    please answer me directly. (Scarsdale, NY)
    Thanks! here's one of mine enclosed.
    Comments from others are welcome!


    You could hook up a battery as one foot or under the base and do some simple wirig so that when two limbs touched, the head would light up. Cool

    resistorman!!! :D nice one dude, looking forward to some free time to make one.... and another... and another... ...untill I have an army of ressistor ppl!!!

    this is cool!! i like it!! if only the LED worked...!!

    Now all he needs is the mouse trap car! Nice instructable

    Haha thanks. Nice icon, btw.