You've all probably heard about Munny dolls and Dunnys. Designer toys are becoming extremely popular. During this Instructables. I will show you my process of creating my own DIY Doll similar to a Munny. I will be using Blender to box model the various parts of the character and Experiment with Boolean operators. I am self taught so my terms and descriptions may not be correct. Note: Previous experience with 3D Model Design in blender is recommended.

Step 1: Designing the Figure!

Designing, this is the heart of your doll. You can make it ugly, pretty or both. Look at some inspiration. You may want to sketch it to see how it looks so that it will be easier to model. You can always tweak it in Blender. I chose a simple figure with moving arms and a head. I thought this design resembled a Munny and a Cartoon network "Noods" Again, in the end you can always add things to your character for example some ears Bumps and what not.
I hope you all enjoy it!
I do enjoy the instructions you give about Blender, since I am slowly trying to learn how to do it. Your mirror method will safe me a lot of time and headaches. <br> <br>Only think I would change about your doll, would be to add pose-able legs, so you can get more movement in it. And maybe some more work on the head. Other than that, this Instructable was very informative.
Yeah, I originally thought about adding movement to the legs but wasn't sure How I'd do it and with the deadline looming over I decided to stick with inanimate feet. The head was very basic and one you make it, anyone can add to it and change it. Go mirror modifier you only have to do half of the work! Thanks!

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Bio: 3rd year Mechanical Engineer at UC Davis. I am interested in bridging software with mechanical hardware.
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