Introduction: Poseable Mummy Hands

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Make mummy hands for a cheap and easy Halloween prop!

Step 1: Two Things

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This is about as simple as it can get. You need two items: masking tape and aluminum wire ties.

You can find these ties at any hardware store with the chainlink fencing. They bend easily and are short enough that you won't have to cut them.

Step 2: Use Your Hands

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Use your own hand as a reference for this instructable. Take a look at your joints and how they move. You will be forming the fingers based on where your joint placement is.

Essentially, these mummy hands are made of 5 fingers, a cross piece that makes up the palm and support and one piece that serves as the wrist area.

Step 3: Fingers

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Start by bending the hook of the tie flat. Line it up with your own finger and decide where your first joint is going to be.

Wrap a wad of masking tape around that point. Repeat for the second joint and then the knuckle bone (thumb = one joint then the knuckle).

Next you will wrap the entire finger with masking tape. You can wrap just to the knuckle because the exposed part of the wire will be wrapped later.

Step 4: Palm

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Start by bending a wire tie around your own hand to get a basic shape. One by one tape on the fingers. As you wrap them try to position them at the angle that your own fingers extend off your palm. The palm will start to look messy but don't worry we'll cover that up with more masking tape.

Step 5: Finish Wrapping

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Place your the wire that will serve as the wrist, coming out of the palm. Start wrapping across the palm and lace tape between the fingers as well.

Step 6: Strike a Pose

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Once your entire hand is wrapped bend the palm so that it slightly makes a cup shape. You can now bend the fingers as you would like them placed.

These work great as hands for a dummy or tucked around a door or drawer for a scare!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable! Have fun and be safe!


Firstdalek (author)2015-05-02

I've gotta know, is there any way that you could make it attach to your own hands? Cause that would make for the base of an awesome mummy costume.

artworker (author)2014-10-27

Woooo! scary! Nice project!

eeVee (author)2014-10-26

Never would have guessed it was just masking tape! Very creepy..very cool. GREAT work.

bagnitsch (author)eeVee2014-10-26

Thanks. :D

13voltbattery (author)2014-10-26

It would be really creepy if someone tapped you on the shoulder with these.

bagnitsch (author)13voltbattery2014-10-26

No kidding!

NathanSellers (author)2014-10-26

Great idea. Very cool and simple.

bagnitsch (author)NathanSellers2014-10-26

Thanks! Simple is good!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-26

These are so creepy, definitely communicate the mummy aspect. I love how their poseable, they can be used anywhere!

I hope to be able to reuse them next year. This year they are actually serving as ghost hands.

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