This Instructable will show you how to take those small plastic skeletons from the dollar stores & convert them from limp noodles into fun & posable characters. It's a fairly easy and cheap way to add a little character & life to your Halloween display.

Step 1: Materials

1. A 16" plastic blow mold skeleton (Found at most dollar stores during Halloween season)
2. 16 guage wire (Found at Hardware & Home Improvement stores. The wire I used is for use with rebar)
3. A yard stick or measuring tape
4. Wire cutters (anything that will cut through the 16 guage wire)
5. A pair of needle nose pliers
6. A knife

Optional item:
Tape or paint to mark the wire, so you know you have inserted it far enough into the skeleton when working on the legs.


FANTASTIC ! I especially like the wagon, Im saving this one for next years Haunt !
Thank You! The wagon was a fill in item for the horse. I usually have a wooden hearse carriage behind the horse but it is in need of some repairs. I ended up liking the wagon idea though. <br>Maybe once I get the carriage fixed, I will just have to have a bigger skelly pulling the wagon with the little ones in it. LOL!
I have dozens of Haunters on my Correa Ct Haunted House facebook, I meant to share this before and your reply reminded me to do so. Personally Im thinking about a mini haunted area leading to the Haunted House, those people standing in line for an HOUR need something to entertain them !
I think that is a great idea! Keeping people entertained in line is very important. <br>Thanks for sharing the Ible too! Maybe some day, there will be armies of little skellies all over the place. LOL!
Now I voted once for you Pa and once for wally!!!Hope I don't start a fight!!!lol
Great idea, but I love how you documented the possibilities. I really think Halloween should be twice a year, at least =)
Thanks! I totally agree! Halloween should be at least twice a year for sure!
Hmm this gives me a great idea. What if you took one of these poseable guys and added sculpting putty or something like it to give it a skin? Basically use this to make a poseable person doll. Then you can dress it and such and set it out all year long.
I like your thinking! Although, I am such a Halloween freak that I have things like this out all year anyway. LOL!<br>I did use Monster Mud (drywall mud mixed with paint) once on one of them which made it look like a stone statue. However by the next year, it was starting to fall off so I am not sure how the clay would do.<br>I do think the best potential might be to corpse it (liquid latex &amp; cotton batting). I would do each piece individually to make sure that you can still move it around freely.<br>If you do try the sculpting putty, I would be very interested in seeing how they turn out!
That looks great! And like a lot of fun to play with!
Thanks! These guys are so fun to play with! They can do just about anything you can imagine!

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