This Instructable will show you how to take those small plastic skeletons from the dollar stores & convert them from limp noodles into fun & posable characters. It's a fairly easy and cheap way to add a little character & life to your Halloween display.

Step 1: Materials

1. A 16" plastic blow mold skeleton (Found at most dollar stores during Halloween season)
2. 16 guage wire (Found at Hardware & Home Improvement stores. The wire I used is for use with rebar)
3. A yard stick or measuring tape
4. Wire cutters (anything that will cut through the 16 guage wire)
5. A pair of needle nose pliers
6. A knife

Optional item:
Tape or paint to mark the wire, so you know you have inserted it far enough into the skeleton when working on the legs.
Thank you so much for this tutorial. I just received 2 plastic skeletons that were supposed to be posable but aren't. Instead of spending $10 to ship them back, I'm going to try this. Can you tell me about how much wire I should buy to do 2, 5 foot plastic skeletons? Thanks!
FANTASTIC ! I especially like the wagon, Im saving this one for next years Haunt !
Thank You! The wagon was a fill in item for the horse. I usually have a wooden hearse carriage behind the horse but it is in need of some repairs. I ended up liking the wagon idea though. <br>Maybe once I get the carriage fixed, I will just have to have a bigger skelly pulling the wagon with the little ones in it. LOL!
I have dozens of Haunters on my Correa Ct Haunted House facebook, I meant to share this before and your reply reminded me to do so. Personally Im thinking about a mini haunted area leading to the Haunted House, those people standing in line for an HOUR need something to entertain them !
I think that is a great idea! Keeping people entertained in line is very important. <br>Thanks for sharing the Ible too! Maybe some day, there will be armies of little skellies all over the place. LOL!
Now I voted once for you Pa and once for wally!!!Hope I don't start a fight!!!lol
Great idea, but I love how you documented the possibilities. I really think Halloween should be twice a year, at least =)
Thanks! I totally agree! Halloween should be at least twice a year for sure!
Hmm this gives me a great idea. What if you took one of these poseable guys and added sculpting putty or something like it to give it a skin? Basically use this to make a poseable person doll. Then you can dress it and such and set it out all year long.
I like your thinking! Although, I am such a Halloween freak that I have things like this out all year anyway. LOL!<br>I did use Monster Mud (drywall mud mixed with paint) once on one of them which made it look like a stone statue. However by the next year, it was starting to fall off so I am not sure how the clay would do.<br>I do think the best potential might be to corpse it (liquid latex &amp; cotton batting). I would do each piece individually to make sure that you can still move it around freely.<br>If you do try the sculpting putty, I would be very interested in seeing how they turn out!
That looks great! And like a lot of fun to play with!
Thanks! These guys are so fun to play with! They can do just about anything you can imagine!

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