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On the first church sign I made, the vinyl letters went uphilll. Not good! Here's how I succeeded on the second try.

Start with a well-prepared board or other surface. The vinyl letters have been cut at the TechShop, weeded, and the transfer paper has been applied to the face of the letters. I'll call this sandwich the letter layer.

The other equipment you'll need: straight edge: cutter, masking tape, pen, burnisher.

Step 1:

Trim the letter layer close to the lettering at the top and along each side. Position the letter layer on the board. Cut paper strips the width of the side margins and apply them to the board with glue stick. Mark the position of the top margin on the paper strips.
<p>Very nice - I'm doing some individual letters but I like your 'hinge' technique to line them up!</p>
Nothing beats a tape measure.
smart, the sign looks great!
Thanks! It's nice to get a positive comment on my first Instructable. I'm inspired to do some more.
glad to hear it!

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