Picture of Possessed Little Monster

This possessed little monster will scare your trick or treaters when it comes to life & speaks to them. I hide him around the corner from some bushes ready to frighten unsuspecting victims when it says 'Hi, wanna play' and laughs like a possessed doll at them.
Here is what you need to easily make this animatronic hack for a scary Halloween Decoration...

A Talking doll (cassette playing type such as Cricket or Corky.)
A Cassette tape from the doll that makes it talk
An MP3 Player
An Audio Cassette Player
Car audio cassette tape adapter
Fake blood or red nail polish
Hair color spray
Doll clothes including striped shirt, blue jeans, sneakers
1 or 2 feet of Romex house wiring or other stiff wire
Hot glue
Hot glue gun
Wire Cutters
Audio cable, straight through mini headphone jack to mini headphone jack.
Audio editing software. I use free applications such as Audacity for Apple Mac OS X.

You can find the talking doll, cassette player, cassette adapter, and old mp3 player on ebay or Amazon. Some of the items can be found in department stores also.


Step 1:

Making the little monster speak....

For this project I used a Cricket talking animated doll but Corky or other cassette player type animated talking dolls should work well also. Using a regular cassette tape player and a straight through stereo mini headphone connector cable (cable with a stereo mini headphone jack on each end) connect the cable from the headphones connector on the cassette tape player to the mic input on a computer. Insert one of the cassette tapes from the talking doll, one that makes the doll talk and animates the mouth. Now you are ready for the next step; recording and editing the audio tracks.
i would like to see a video of this in use or at least a download link for the audio track since i am not handy with audio editing but would love to do this kinda project with a cheap doll
jimmmm (author)  sillyzombie6663 years ago
Audacity, The audio editor I used is surprisingly easy to use. You select 'new' file ,press record, then stop, and If you have used cut and paste menu commands before you can easily edit your sounds to have the left channel (upper one with beeps) and right channel (lower channel with vocals) line up by using cut and paste on the left channel beeps, then save the file as an mp3. Audacity is a free application and there are Apple Mac OS X and Windows versions available. I hope this inspires you to give it a try. it was an easy project and was fun to customize the audio sounds for some great results on Halloween. It was definitely a hit attraction for the kids and adults that arrived.
well i have used that program before but i mean im not good at diolog or in programing like that it would just drive me nuts to do. also i would just love to see how it looks in use since it looks really cool. also i work at haunted houses alot (points at my picture) so i would love to do that and have it in my room.
look up how to do the voices
you open you mouth an talk
i meant for audacity sorry there are some good one like jigsaws voice
haaha lol plz post a video up plz
this instructable is creeepy lol its a good way for me too get back at my little brother :D
lol link3 years ago
have a party then crash it muhahahahahahaha
jbrecken3 years ago
I didn't catch where the stiff wire is used. Was it for posing the doll or something?
jimmmm (author)  jbrecken3 years ago
I placed approximately 2 feet of Romex house wiring inside his clothes on the knife side. The wire ran from his ankle to his wrist to allow me to pose the hand holding the knife up. You can use any stiff wire but I used a left over scrap of Romex 2 conductor house wiring because of the thick protective coating and ability to hold it's shape for this project.
l8nite3 years ago
Really cool and no where near as much work as my daughter went through for her Chucky Doll, although he WAS the hit of the Haunted House