Introduction: Post Apocalyptic Industry 4.0 Arrow

I've changed my employer this month. We have done research in the field of the fourth industrial revolution.
To keep me in mind I've created a "Post Apocalyptic Industry 4.0 Arrow"

Step 1: Arrowhead

The arrowhead is build out of an old PCB from a CD drive.

Step 2: Shaft

I've enough broken arrows. To fit in the arrowhead I've slit one of them.

Step 3: Assembly

The two components are simply bound together. To strengthen the compound I've added some glue.


alanjamesblair (author)2017-02-17

Interesting use of materials. I'll bet you could do this up a little neater with shaping, binding, and whatnot, but the concept is attractive.

Layer 8 (author)alanjamesblair2017-02-18

I'll do another one... some time. This was just a 10 min Project

alanjamesblair (author)Layer 82017-03-09

I look forward to it! Meantime, you've encouraged me to try it myself. Unfortunately, my local club doesn't have any targets you can shoot with broadheads. Sigh.

Layer 8 (author)alanjamesblair2017-03-23

I've add a Project here:

and I'll add another one it will be even simpler. give me 3 days :-)

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