Post-It Note Box V2





Introduction: Post-It Note Box V2

This is a responce to the 'challenge' set by the other post-it note box to make one without the aid of scissors.

Hence the "For the less than avarage Bear" at the begining.

Step 1: Follow Instructions!

All of the images were make in flash so i thought it was going to be more simple to make it a presentation.



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    Sorry to change the subject but how do i change my picture?

    I love these boxes I did a lot of them for my "collection" of resistors (cheaper then "real" boxes ;-)). I also fold some of them in the School, and everybody loves me ;-); great stuff

    nice work, how long did it take you to draw and compile that?

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    thanx, em.. planning i did in my mind also visualisation. To draw the images themselves, about an hour.

    There are almost infinite ways to make a box out of a square. maybe i'll post some, i'm an origamist.

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    yeah there are a bunch of ways, this one is based off of the original tutorial, and because a 'chalenge' was set i used the same base one, then just changed the folds. i came up with 5 different ways to fold it without cutting it based off of that same design.

    as in how to make the swf's? wel there isent much of a tutorial to it, but i will. and this time with actual pictures, not just the presentation. NOTE- you will need macromedia flash to make them

    I love the SWF file. Can you make another one showing us how to make the instructional files themselves?

    Click on the Post-it_note.swf to open up the instructions. dont worry it is a flash presentation, no harm can come from it.