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Here is a quick and easy way to make Post It Notes that work better than the real ones in my opinion. It is cheaper than buying them and you can use this method for any small notepad or you can make your own note pad. 

You will need:
1 notepad
Two sided tape, intended for hard slick surfaces. 
Re-positioning glue, intended for re-positioning on paper and cardboard.
If using the re-positioning glue:
Turn the notepad over so the back side shows.
Flip over the first page and apply the glue at the top making sure you apply it evening.
You will want about a 1" strip of glue.

If using the two sided tape:
Store it in your desk or purse and apply it to the notepad when you need it. You just need a small tab. In my opinion this works better than Post it notes with the re-positionable glue. These notes are intended to stick longer but aren't intended to stick to paper and remove easily.

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    ooooooh best present ever!!!! Definitely

    Cool I might do it then if you ask reallllly nicely

    Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please please please lol

    Treasure hunts are fun and it seems you have figured out a way to make them rewarding as well!

    Um, wow. This is like a slap on the forehead moment! Homemade post it notes, duh! I love it!!

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    I enjoyed reading your comment scooch! I love your humor! I feel fortunate when you do stop by because I know you are very busy! I loved the new picture with the pink instructables t shirt by the way! It looks like you. Stay cool and thanks again for peeking in! Sunshiine

    Good idea, Sylvia. Here there is not repositionable glue, or I have not seen it ever.

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    I sure wished I could figure out a way to make my own! Thanks for sharing rimar, it is always a pleasure to read your comments!