Picture of Post Pictures on a Facebook Wall
People always ask me how i post images onto their wall. so i decided to make this guide so i can just send them the link

Note: due to facebooks constant updating this is no longer up-to-date.
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Step 1: Get to the Profile

Picture of Get to the Profile
Click on the "whats on your mind" textbox on the profile you wish to post the picture

Step 2: Pop-Down?

Picture of Pop-Down?
after you click on the "whats on your mind" textbox, it will pop down with a few choices. you'll need to click on "photos"

Step 3: "Upload A Photo"

Picture of "Upload A Photo"
next you will need to click on "upload a Photo"

Step 4: Browse

Picture of Browse
Click on "browse" next to what looks like a textbox

Step 5: Find The Photo

Picture of Find The Photo
Find the photo. it will most likely be in the "my photos" folder. once that is done click "open

Step 6: Share

Picture of Share
Add a caption if you want. then click share

guess what? its done! your photo should appear on their wall. this also works on pages as well as profiles.
beautyballs10 months ago

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Thank You!!!!!!!!!! This help.
hahah man i cant even get on facebook at school but this site says yes