Introduction: Post-it Cube

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Step 1: I Need....

1. 6 post-it notes 2. Some time

Step 2: Get Started!

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1. Take 1 post it and fold it in half as shown in picture 1

Step 3: Next I...

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Next, line the bottom point up with the top edge. Do the same on the other side.

Step 4: Same Thing!

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Basically do the same as step 3, bring the bottom edge up to meet the top on both sides.

Step 5: Open It

Picture of Open It

Open it up like in the piccture.

Step 6: Triangles

Picture of Triangles

Fold the diamonds at the top in half.

Step 7: Triangles.. Again

Picture of Triangles.. Again

Fold the triangles into RIGHT triangles. The side should not face the same way.

Step 8: Frustration

Picture of Frustration

This is the hard part. Fold the flaps over each other as in the puctures

Step 9: Fold It!

Picture of Fold It!

Fold the triangles back to make a square

Step 10: 6 More

Repeat steps 2- 9. You may use different colors if you like.

Step 11: The Cube

Picture of The Cube

This is hard to explain. Try to follow the pictures. If you have questions please feel freeto ask. This is my first instructable so give me constructive critism.


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