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Introduction: Post-it Cube

Step 1: I Need....

1. 6 post-it notes 2. Some time

Step 2: Get Started!

1. Take 1 post it and fold it in half as shown in picture 1

Step 3: Next I...

Next, line the bottom point up with the top edge. Do the same on the other side.

Step 4: Same Thing!

Basically do the same as step 3, bring the bottom edge up to meet the top on both sides.

Step 5: Open It

Open it up like in the piccture.

Step 6: Triangles

Fold the diamonds at the top in half.

Step 7: Triangles.. Again

Fold the triangles into RIGHT triangles. The side should not face the same way.

Step 8: Frustration

This is the hard part. Fold the flaps over each other as in the puctures

Step 9: Fold It!

Fold the triangles back to make a square

Step 10: 6 More

Repeat steps 2- 9. You may use different colors if you like.

Step 11: The Cube

This is hard to explain. Try to follow the pictures. If you have questions please feel freeto ask. This is my first instructable so give me constructive critism.



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