Post-it Note Flower





Introduction: Post-it Note Flower

This is an extremely easy just-for-fun craft to make! Have you ever made something out of sticky notes before? Well, this may be your first time at making something like this. Everyone has sticky notes SOMEwhere, so this craft is very cheap to make too.

  • 4 Pink Sticky Notes
  • 1 Green Sticky Note
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Time Needed: 5 Minutes
Skill Level: Extremely easy

Step 1: Sticky Note Petals

First, make 4 sticky note petals. Do this by taking 1 pink sticky note and pleating it by folding it twice and kind of curving it in (just look at the pictures if this seems confusing). Then cut around it to get the round, familliar shape of a petal.

Step 2: The Flower

Put all four petals together, then take a tiny piece of scotch tape and put one in the center of them on the front, and one in the center on the back. You have your flower!

Step 3: The Stem

Roll up one green sticky note, and put a small piece of tape over it to keep it rolled up. Then, tape it to the center back of the flower.

Step 4: You're Done!

You are done with your sticky note flower! Display it on your desk, around your house, or give it to a friend!



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