DIY Postage Stamp Perforations





Introduction: DIY Postage Stamp Perforations

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This is a video about how to make that perfect postage stamp edge. A really great technique for artistamp makers.
Sorry for the low quality video. YouTube won't accept anything else...for high resolution pictures of the stamps and perforation, you can find them here.

link love goes out to Just Something I Made, who had the original idea. Thanks!

Make sure to check out my blog!

If you don't want to make the perf. needle in this video, send me an e-mail. I use paypal (so you can pay with a card if you want), All I ask is $3.00 (free worldwide shipping).

If you are an artistamp maker, I'd love to swap stamps with you!



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    So much ironing (irony)

    That's brilliant! The perforations look like the real deal. My country, Nova Dystopia, has yet to issue its first stamp, but the postmaster is greatly inspired by your method :)

    Now, to see if the GF will let me use her fine Husqvarna to punch some holes...

    btw Brilliant! I also wonder if putting a sheet of aluminum foil in between the sheets of card stock would keep the punch sharpened enough to relegate occasional sharpening unneeded. Maybe? Anyhow, loved this.

    Not often I am impressed, I am old and have seen almost everything.
    But now I am REALLY impressed!

    Thank you!

    Love, love, LOVE!

    THANK YOU! One reason I stopped making artistamps was because they looked too hand-made for me. This perforation method is one more step towards a 'professional' artistamp.


    1 reply

    hey bro, firstly, AMAZING method. i really like your thinking (i've been reading your blog lately and i love it), i just wanted to ask you two basic things.

    1) where does the hole-paper go. i mean the paper bits that are removed, do they go in the under-box of the sewing machine?

    2) how did you cut the 1/16" brass tubing? lol

    1 reply

    Thanks! I'm glad you like my projects! The little circles are either trapped between the two sheets of card stock or deposited in the bobbin compartment. Unless they are left to accumulate there for a very long time, they won't interfere with sewing machine's mechanisms. Make sure to occasionally sweep them out (just open up the little bobbin-door and brush them out with your finger.)

    You can cut the brass tubing with a jewelers saw (self explanatory) or a file. Just file a notch where you want the pipe to be severed, and then carefully snap it off. File the rough edge flat.

    Neat idea! Love the sewing machine bit to keep the holes uniformly separated.

    Excellent! Your video is perfect at this resolution, too!
    GREAT idea!
    5 stars!