I got a special parcel today. I loved the contents (Yay! Rainbow pencils from Duncan Shotton's Kickstarter campaign!) and I loved the Japanese stamps. Remember how wonderful it was, as a kid, to get a package addressed to you from relatives overseas? We're iced in around here this afternoon so I decided to see if I could turn those Hello Kitty postage stamps into tree ornaments using only supplies on or near my desk.

Step 1: Cutting Out Stamps & Keeping Things Simple

I didn't need much:
  • Nice sharp utility knife
  • Safe cutting surface
  • That great parcel
  • Foil wrappers from something tasty
  • Glue
  • Paper clips
  • Skinny, curly coloured ribbon
This is a simple project. I cut out every stamp. I didn't try to peel 'em off the cardboard. I didn't try to pull off the packing tape. I just cut them out.

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