Picture of Poster Board and Duct Tape Money Clip
This is the money clip that I made, modeled off my dad's. (No, his isn't duct tape-it's leather)
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Poster board
Duct Tape
A dollar
A Credit card sized item
2 magnets (not too strong) (or velcro)
A paper clip

Step 2: Cut Out the Poster Board

Picture of Cut Out the Poster Board
Cut out pieces of poster board to these specifications:

A rectangle, about 1 cm bigger then the dollar on all four sides.
A thin rectangle, about 1in thick, and about 1 inch longer than then half of the above piece
Some random pieces of poster board, smaller than half of the original piece, but larger than the magnet.

Fold that large piece of poster in half, hamburger style.

Step 3: Magnets!

Put a magnet on the inside of the folded piece of poster.
Put some tape over it.
Lay the random pieces of poster over the magnet, and tape down. (these extra layers help protect credit cards)
Tape up the folded piece on the top, and one side, leaving just one of the sides untaped. (credit card slot)
Lay a magnet on the end of the long strip of poster, making sure that the outward facing side of the magnet is attracted to the wallet. Tape this on.
Tape the long strip, around the back of the wallet, so it folds around and can attach to the other magnet.

Step 4: The Paper clip

Picture of The Paper clip
The paper clip will hold the money in place.

Bend it into a shape as shown. You want a flat base parallel with the wallet, and part of it to slide into the card slot. One you have it like this, secure with duct tape.

Step 5: Load up!

Picture of Load up!
So, you can decorate it if you want, or just cover any white spaces with tape, whatever you want. But at this point, you can add your bills and cards! When putting in the cards, make sure the magnetic strip is not right next to the magnet, and you'll be fine. Good luck :D
moep8 years ago
Just so you know, a few random bits of posterboard won't shield a magnetic field. You might want to use something like sheet metal.
Weissensteinburg (author)  moep8 years ago
But since it's such a small magnet, coupled with keeping the strip on the opposite side will keep your cards safe.
Trimaster8 years ago
magnets...i should have thought of that good idea
Weissensteinburg (author)  Trimaster8 years ago
Thanks :D