Step 12: Share the Fun!

Here's the fun part! Since the pot o' gold is really a "pocket o' gold," it's perfect for storing a pocketful of foil-wrapped candy coins! Or perhaps some Petite Ribbon Shamrocks or Chenille Stem Shamrocks pins. This is a great tool for a pay-it-forward. Wouldn't it be adorable to encourage your child to share a coin or a shamrock pin whenever someone did something nice, or even just complimented their scarf, thus warming their hearts too?!

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<p>just perfect cheers.</p>
<p>This may be for kids, but as an adult I would totally wear this! My son will be jealous after I make one! Nice tutorials</p>
<p>Love it! it's sooo cute :)</p>
This is simply adorable, thank you for posting it!
This is great because I can't knit but I can sew and I need a scarf.... but instead of a pot of gold im going to put Nyan Cat :)<br>thanks for the wonderful instructable!
That is the best idea ever. I think I have to make one now for my sister in law. She loves the Nyan.
So cute!
This is the coolest scarf I think I've ever seen! Not only does it look really neat, but it has a functional pot/pouch built into it. Really impressive work!
So cute!
so cool! really beautiful also.

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