Step 3: Alternate method

Another way to carve your Potat o'Lantern is to forget about the lid, a just scoop out all the insides from the bottom. This is useful for smaller potatoes.

Just place the potato over the candle.

In this example, we used a red skin potato which gives off a really cool glow when lit.

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Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Like this a lot. I think when I try this, I'll use a potato that has lots of eyes on it to use for horns, a beard or some other kind of facial growth.
Adorable and creative idea... I love it!!!
Omigosh how creative! You've proven that potatoes can be scary, too. %O
Wow! What a unique idea!
Woohoo! Second Place in the Potato Challenge!
So cool!
Hey! This was just featured on the front page today!
i love this! <br>we are terrible at growing pumpkins, but now i know how to decorate next halloween.
Did you ever see the &quot;jeff the killer&quot; picture? <br>theres a parody of it saying instead of &quot;go to sleep&quot; it says &quot;go to potato&quot; (pus the face is not as creepy)
Now THAT is thinking outside the box!!! Very well done!
mmm potato
thats a great idea !
Those are adorable. Neat thing is, in Ireland, turnips were used before pumpkins, so you are kind of doing a twist on an ancient tradition. :D Awesome!
The story gets a little deeper. <br> <br>The reason we have the american tradition of carving Jack o'Lanterns is because of the immigration of the Irish to the US during the potato famine of the 1850's. <br> <br>They could not find turnips here in the US, so they subsituted pumpkins.

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