Picture of Potato Bacon Pizza
The Potato Bacon Pizza is a classic specialty pizza. Its creamy sauce, garlic potato, and the best part of it all ... Bacon will leave you wanting more!  So why not make two.  :-D

Now this recipe is kinda expensive compared to making a regular cheese pizza or a pepperoni pizza.  But you need to understand that this is a specialty pizza that would cost more in the pizza parlor anyway.

Next,  i do not have a recipe for dough.  I always go out and buy the pre-made shells from the store.  But if you have a recipe for dough it cant hurt to make it for this recipe.\

Lastly, my husband wanted me to make sure that i noted that this is his recipe.  
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Step 1: Get your ingredients

Ingredients needed:

- Bacon
- Sour Cream
- Pepper
- 2 sups mozzarella cheese
- 1/2 cup of Mexican cheese
- chopped onions
- Minced garlic
- Olive oil
- Basil
- 5 medium potato
- Ranch sauce
- Stick of butter
- Crust (Ether make your own or buy a pre-made crust, we buy the Boboli Pizza Crust)

Step 2: Making the potatos

Picture of Making the potatos
Now i recommend you make the potatoes first because they are going to take the longest. This is assuming your not making your own crust.

1) Cut the potatoes into slices
2) Cut up your onoins
3) Place the potatoes and onions into a pan
4) Add the stick of butter, pepper, minced garlic, and basil  on top.
5) Cover it with foil, then  put in the oven for an hour at 350 degrees.
Sounds nice, will try that!
Frugal_Momma (author)  JonathanWells1 year ago
Thank you
Mr. Jake2 years ago
That looks so delicious... I love bacon on pizza!
bajablue2 years ago
This looks YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mistyp2 years ago
I might be tempted to do the potato part all on its own! It all looks delicious!
Frugal_Momma (author)  mistyp2 years ago
To be honest that is the same recipe we use for our hash browns at breakfast. Then we use the rest for a Potato Bacon Pizza or do some mash-potatoes (Because they are already soft)